cherry blossoms

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Ever wonder why i chose cherry blossoms for my blog layout? I simply adore them. They look so dainty. And i love the smell. I use perfumes, body wash, body lotions, etc. that is cherry blossom scented. Call it addiction. Maybe.

Now there’s one thing i’d really like to happen - to see cherry blossoms with my naked eyes. Japan would be a perfect place for it but i’m sure it’s never going to happen anytime soon. Meanwhile, pictures and scents would do fine. :)

Oh yeah — because they’re pink? Yeah that too! :P

bookworm? not me!

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Yah i know about the power of reading. Stock of knowledge blah blah. But what can i do? I’m really not that into books. Promise i tried (several times) but i always fail. Lol! Hmmnnn but these audio books online free might just change it! We’ll see…

Speaking of books, there’s this book i really need to finish reading so that i can relate with my friends every time they talk about it! Geez!

But maybe it can wait? My stomach is grumbling and it doesn’t help that my neighbor’s cooking reaches my nostrils! Waahh now i’m really hungry!

buy me a tv please!

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Most people would think i still belong to the old era and when i told my officemates i don’t have a tv, they gasp in disbelief! Lol! Probably difficult to figure what would i do when i’m home or really someone is not a tv buff? But yeah, i don’t have a tv yet, i’m fine and i do have my laptop if i need to see a show or something. But this blu ray home theatre system got my attention! Will not be buying a tv soon neither this one but will probably put this in my wish list.

if i were an instrument

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I have been really busy the past days… and until now i’m still not feeling well. It’s a day to day struggle and sometimes i wanna give up but who am i kidding? I think i’m not seriously ill i’m just paranoid thought it’s a fact that i have some major health issues. Anyhow, i am surviving and with God’s grace I will be okay.

People in the office inspire me in most ways. There are the gym buffs, the sports buffs, the food buffs and the music buffs. Not too difficult to guess i would be more interested in the food stuff! Lol! Have a colleague who is great with guitars in fact he is teaching some other colleagues to play it. Cool! But inasmuch as i would like to hear someone play the guitar, i have this thing on guitars. Probably because i see that beating the drums is more stress relieving that strumming the chords! Then again i’m a music ignoramus and know nothing about musical instruments. But… but say i would want one of these drums that i saw online? Would you concur? They’re super cool right? :)

can’t get away with it!

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I just chatted with an old friend and learned that her younger brother will be graduating in college sometime this March or April. How time flies! Last time i saw him he was just a teenage boy from high school. He’s studying to become a nurse but has taken some lessons on Medical Equipment Preparer Jobs to broaden his knowledge and background. That sounds interesting. Good for him!

Talk about something medical, i’m reminded i have to schedule my annual physical exam already. I have always put it off since last year but i really have to. I was told clinics will start to be really busy by February or March. Hmnnn…

useless wishes

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I have lots of superficial wishes for myself. One of them is that i wish i have long curly lashes. I might consider using eyelash growth products if i can’t contain my frustration. Lol! But thanks to my friend who gave me a heated eyelash curler this Christmas, it’s surely a great lift. ;)

What could be some other wishes? That i wish i’m taller. Nah, i’d have to give up on that one. I think i’m at the ripe age when bones stop growing. Haha!

Have a happy Friday everyone… gotta scoot now!

i don’t want to drive :(

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I still don’t drive and i greatly depend on friends to get by. Thanks to them! One of these days i know i should get my own car as i don’t want to impose on anyone especially if they’re busy. Wish i could get an rv as there are rv loans i could check out. Nah just kidding! :D I’d have to find a car in the shade of pink though. :P

I still need to review some notes so that i could take the written exam. I plan to take the exam early next year. Hopefully i’ll make time for it and ace it! I dread the thought of taking the actual driving exam. I think i’d faint! Lol! Driving is never my thing. Duh!

reminiscing childhood years

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I notice that most of the kids today don’t spend much time playing outdoor games. When i was a little kid i had the time of my life running around and playing with my friends. I’d often come home dirty and mother would scold me but it was fun. I don’t even see kids play duncan yoyo now a days? I remember i used to play marbles and i used to climb trees. When i have my own kids, i’d let them play as much as they can and don’t just let them sit in the couch and watch tv or play computer games! I just wish i still have the energy to run after them when the time comes. Lol!

busy monday

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A box was waiting at my doorstep last night. I knew it was something from a friend because i didn’t expect any delivery. Indeed it’s a gift from a friend i fondly called Lola. A very sexy sleeveless blouse i don’t think i can wear it this time of the year as it’s very cold already. Yet she told me what for are those jackets? Lol! Yah crazy me. :P Thanks so much… :)

I wonder if staying inside steel buildings would be good or bad during the cold weather? At the office i still feel very cold most people have suggested i should get a personal heater. I will have to consider it as i really feel cold even if i’m wearing undershirts. Well, i should get those thermal stuff they all keep saying. :P

It’s a busy Monday for me… it’s never going to get any cozier until the end of the month but hey i’m still grateful. :)

You all have a nice week ahead. :)


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My latest addiction? Orchids… in case you don’t know, they are flowers. Orchidaceous plant. LOL!

I got the fuchsia pink last time and it has now five flowers. I bought another one last night, it’s colored yellow with fuchsia in the middle. It has four flowers just yet. I bought the wrong pot as it’s bigger so i might have to buy another plant. :P

Will take pictures of if when all of the flowers have blossomed. :)