5 years and counting? hmnnnn…

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It has been really hectic for the past weeks. I’ve supported another project of urgent request. Last saturday, I came in at around 4:00pm then went home past 9:00am the following day. Luckily, we hit the deadline. Believe me, that was one of hell of a struggle especially for the 2 of my colleagues. I really don’t understand why Honda was and is all that urgent and tight with their timing plans. Tsk! Anyways, as soon as I arrived home, I went to sleep and woke up at around 4pm. Surprisingly, I slept for like 6hrs only. I could have dozed off much longer than that. Monday was a special holiday so it meant no work. At least, I had yesterday as my rest day. I was very lazy, all i do was just lying down and watching tv. I’m almost done with “My Girl”, I’ll be on the last episode later tonight. hhehe. :)

Exactly one week ago, the 5&10 years service awarding ceremony was held. Tsk, so stingy as always! I really don’t know what to feel, should i be happy or sad that i’m still here for the past 5 years. Man, can’t believe I endured 5 years! Maybe, i’d just look on the brighter side of it.

geezz, do they really have to show my old picture? Huh!

find me in the collage! :P

batchmates: me, lenny, lovella

with aisah: buutan na bata, perfect attendance :P

murag naa sa parlor? wehehehe! :D

9 Responses to “5 years and counting? hmnnnn…”

  1. Carlotz Says:

    Congratulations maam Ylan! 5 years dili pa na sad.

    ako-a very sad. hehehe

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats! pun-i pa lain ug lumot diha aron ma ubay-ubay ang pundo nga award/certificate :P

    keep it up! :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    na anonymous man…

    ang bonita mong frenz glorie

  4. aneshka Says:

    aha! mag 5 year award pud tani ko diha. naa na tani ko wallclock. unsaon ta man pula man ko ug lubot.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Uy hala dugaya na diay nimo diha mam Ylan uy, nice ang wall clock da hehhe…

  6. ethel Says:

    uy na anony man akong ngalan naunsa hehhe

  7. Ylan Says:

    carlots/glorie/ethel, thanks.. mao jud naa nako poste diri, nigamot nako diri hehe :P

    aneshka, mao jud, dungan unta ta ug paso diri… daghan man kaau ta na batchmates…. :)

  8. Lanie G Says:

    Hi Ylan, thanks for informing me about my tagboard not working right.. I dont even know cause Me too cant write in my tagboard. Thank you for your email I am just very hectic here since we just came back from our short vacation in niagara falls. Photos will shared in my blog soon..

    by the way, congratulation on your great employee achievement award.. its a great challenge to recieved such an award from your company. Good luck on your work.. naa diay ka sa honda company nagtrabaho.. pila man ang van na honda dinha ug honda car puro automatic… na sige take care and have a great day.

  9. Ylan Says:

    Madame Lanie, thanks… its not really an achievement award.. well they regularly give it to employees twice a year… and I’m not working for Honda hehe… Honda is just one of our customers… last week, i was supporting project from Honda….. ayaw lang ka confuse basta mao na sya :P

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