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Why are there songs
that transport you to that night or moment
that make your stomach do somersaults, quite uncomfortably, reluctant to remember,
that bring a grin to your face but a twitch at the heart,
that make your soul travel for a split-second and touch another soul, involuntarily or not,
that no one else but you can cry to,
melodies and memories that wring emotions
only you can feel.

Why are there songs so
powerful they bring you back to that rainy day
the last touch
the first
the songs that you sing in your head but never aloud for fear
of what could happen, what should’ve happened,
tunes that slice through the heart,
that make you close your eyes and wake up to a scene so familiar
hidden bodies of water caged by lime, the promise of love without the promise of forever.
Why are there songs
that turn your blood cold and hot at the same time
that undress you, baring every piece of flesh, that throbbing heart,
leaving you shivering, wondering, remembering
the shadows beneath the beating heart, hearts,
the fear, the elation, the shower of sadness trickling slowly, washing no memory away
that turn your hands ice-cold, the knot in your stomach tight,that yearn to come out but do not for fear of acknowledging a feeling, possibly hidden, that can only come alive
through song.
Why are there songs
that unearth the unremembered,
that expose what has been hidden,that are words and songs to a stranger’s ear
but the key to the turbulence within you.
Why are there songs
that do not stop me from listening,why these songs
that make time travel possible without moving a limb
why songs
are the only one with such power to move, to daze, to pierce, to freeze, to lure, to unarm, to make me weep
and wonder
why i listen still.

A forwarded piece from Gugs…
not sure of the title & the author.

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  1. Carlotz Says:

    nice one maam Ylan. thanks for sharing.

  2. Genalyn Says:

    Hey kamusta?ako ok na..karon pa na^kabalik sa blogging..anyways agi2x lang ko..nangumusta nimo diha nga akoang kababayang taga cebu pod!

  3. Lanie Says:

    Hi Ylan! Thanks for the Bday greetings for Triz ha! Kumusta na diha? Thanks din sa time. ^_____^

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