Pinoy Dream Academy

Posted on Aug 29, 2006 under Uncategorized |
ABS-CBN 3 kicked off their new reality tv show Pinoy Dream Academy last saturday night in Cebu City - Provincial Capitol Building. They’be been putting up the stage for a couple of days and left me thinking that a big event or show or whatever might be held. I wasn’t expecting for the dream academy but i was rather expecting for a cultural show or congress something.

I just watched it on TV live. I liked the 2nd or was it the 3rd batch who sang pinoy love songs medley. I guess some of my neighbors were huddled in capitol but no way, not me, i’m too annoyed by the crowd and it was raining. I could have seen Sam Milby in person :P On that night they selected the top 16 from among 30+ semi finalists. One of these 16 hopefuls will become the first Pinoy Dream Academy star. We’ll see if this reality show will be as hit as Pinoy Big Brother.

I heard the firecrackers during the finale… our house is like only 5 minutes or so away from the venue.

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