Ang baha…

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Last night was just one of those “baha moments” around the metropolis. Metropolis daw! wahahaha! dah gabaha na pud sa sugbu oi! At around 10:00pm, the rain was very heavy you’d know it won’t stop any sooner. We decided to take the reclamation route instead of Mandaue hi-way knowing that flood in Mandaue is worst than you can imagine. Yay! the car stalled and car engine died more than 10 times! First was near UCLM then on & off all the way to Ayala. All I prayed was for us (Lloyd, Lenny and Me) not to be stranded and be home safe. Finally after what seemed to be like forever, I arrived home past 2:00am all drenched. My feet that is- my shoes was soaked in the clogged rain waters. Ahay poor drainage as always.
I was so hungry then, thanks to the ever reliable instant pansit canton hehe. Oh yeah, gibinlan ko ug ginisang buwad bulinaw, nasulbad akong kagutum! I was not satisfied, nikaon pa ko ug pan! What a gluttonous habit I sure have! :P
After filling in my empty tummy, I decided to review my Nihongo notes for our exam today. Oopps stop, i saw my Ponds moisturizer. Aha, let me apply this stuff on my face. Then I saw my good old hair brush. Naa ra diay ka diri hah! I combed my hair not to the 100th times but ’til i got bored and sleepy. I still had in my mind the Nihongo review though but decided to have it in the morning when I wake up.
It’s now 5:00pm, time for our exam and I haven’t reviewed a thing! Forgive me Sensei, I have to cut class now and eat my dinner, I can’t event construct a single sentence waaahhh! Bummer! See, I’m the queen of procrastination! Yuck! Well, I like learning Nihongo, don’t get me wrong here. I even tried to enrol during my college years but schedules offered were always in conflict with my major ECE subjects. I have my chance at work now but I’m too lazy and I don’t like to be pressured. I wanted to take it lightly. Anyways, to my classmates, Ganbatte kudasai ne!

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