30 something questions

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Like what i’ve said, i have a lot of tags to answer yet,
here’s one of those:

1. if there are 3 wells (love, beauty & creativity) & you
could only drink from 1, which would it be?
>>LOVE can bring out the beauty and creativity in a person.

2. with problems, whom do you run to?
>>family & close friends

3. which finger is your favorite?
>>none, i have ugly fingers and hands hehehe

4. what’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?
>>bbq chicken intestines, used to like it when i was a kid but now that i know where its from, yucky! hehehe!

5. would you tell a guy/girl you like him/her?
>>if I have the courage, why not!

6. if no, why?
>>should my answer is no, its probably because i’m afraid to be rejected

7. if you were making a movie about yourself, who would play the lead?
>>Kate Beckinsale, cool & beautiful! I am that ambitious to think i can get so slim like her hehehe! If koreanovela, i’d pick Kim Sam Soon :D

8. do you like your handwriting?

9. who are you jealous of?
>>jealous of the one who stole Hyunbin’s heart and Hershey’s heart and Mocha’s heart and Milky’s heart :P (therefore i’m jealous to a lot of people? LOL! just kidding :P)

10. what kind of person do you want to marry? -
>>a lot like Mr. C.S. bwehehehe! (sayang minyo na sya) :P

11. where were you last kissed?
>>cheeks lang naman, ako po ay dalagang ulay hehe

12. what do you put on your sandwiches?
>>cheez wiz or mayo

14. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
>>i think so! I can be good at times promise! hehe!

15. are you a daredevil?
>>i’d like to think that i am sometimes but initially i’m always fearful! yay!

16. where were you last night?
>>home? ate chicharon then slept (piggy symptoms persist!)

17. do you drink beer?
>>nope but i have tried

18. who do you think is/are the most adorable animated character[s]?
>>jasmine, ariel

19. do looks matter 4u?
>>I go for character but if good looking, why not coconut! it’s a fact though that we get attracted to a person at first instance by his looks…

20. what color suits your personality? -
>>pink (soft) and red (hard), i can be both depends on the situation

21. do you pray?
>>of course!

22. are you trendy?
>>depends on my mood! but i am normally simple - as in bulingit!

23. what do you do to prevent anger?
>>not saying anything, keep it all inside for a moment! or rant my heart out in my journal

24. who is your idol?
>>at this moment i can’t pinpoint a single name, i admire a lot of people with different distinct qualities - for one, though this is much of a cliche but i have always admired my mother, a full time mother and wife raising 6 kids. I’ll never know if i can do the same sacrifices she have for my future children.

25. what song will suit on what u feel right now?
>>gloomy mellow songs or hard rock (i’m at my extremes now), i’m actually confused.

26. how many viewed your friendster profile??
>>i don‚Äôt know? i don’t check it.

27. what was your favorite toy as a child?
>>paper dolls & cooking pot set - i was not into barbiedolls and other fancy toys, i find them cute but i’d rather have stuffed toys

28. what will you do after this?
>>get back to work! lazy ass! - i for sure will receive an email any moment from now with the same old lines! (i want to puke now!)

29. what are you waiting for?
>>looooong vacation!!!!! & a new job? (i’m so conspicuous!)

30. the last time you were happy, it was because..
>>i can’t exactly say what was it but it just occurred to me that i’m still lucky and i felt a sudden relief… yeah God is good! :)

12 Responses to “30 something questions”

  1. Malou Says:

    Madmosel Ylan….
    tawa man ko nimo no.11 unsay dalaga ulay la pa gani ka naabot 30 dalagau lay ka na diha….
    kinsa ni si Mr.C.S. guapo ba… hehehehe

  2. amy Says:

    >>>dalagang ulay!! yaw ana miswah.. kay pabalikon jud kang st peter. lol* ngita na dihag pares kay aron kita nakas imo liwat. wink*

  3. Lanie G Says:

    Hi Ylan.. ayaw anang dalagang ulay kay magbasol ka kung late na magminyo.. ako gani dugay nagminyo kay wala pa nako makita ako bana.. gusto unta ko manganak ug isa ka dosena waaaah.. btw kung tigulang na magminyo.. lisod na manganak ug mag-atiman ug baby. na pangita na dinha.. ug pares kay hagbong inya ka sa calendaryo.lol

  4. Ylan Says:

    nya unsaon man ni nako mga madame nga wala man jud koy laki diri oi! nagnihit man ang mga tarong nga laki diri waaah! hehe! :P

  5. ethel Says:

    hala kalami sa isaw mam ganahan kaayo ko ana ay! pero kanang sa manila nga isaw na mahadlok ko mokaon kay gi unsa kaha na nila pag marinate or whateva, hehehhe labi na otng among silingan saunang estudyante pa ko agoy kalami jud ay! mingaw noon ko da lami man gud. :)

  6. haze Says:

    too many…it will keep u busy for sure….so funny and very true indeed….i like all ur answer….you are very smart hehehehe….god bless

  7. Carlotz Says:

    enjoy ko basa ani princess.

    5. would you tell a guy/girl you like him/her?

    come on do it! i’ll wait the answer. hehehe.

  8. Ylan Says:

    ethel>> na maam kinaham lagi kaau na nako sa una. lipay na gani kaau ko panihapon nako nga sud-an kay kana ra hehehe… hinuun kay ako raman sab tung tiyo ang mangbbq so limpyo gyud… pakit-a kaha imong bana mukaon ka ana? LOL!

    haze>> haha tawa man ko nimo oi, smart gud tawon, wala lay lingaw mao pataka lang ug tubag lol!

    carlotz>> madame, see answer to #6, hahahah! :P

  9. vk Says:

    number 3……..aguy akoa kay maot goyd kaayo…..tambok ug potot….
    ug nangunot na….tingala ko why nangunot na siya uy….
    nga haskang tapolana nakong manglimpyo diri…..wa man gani ko garden kay tapolan ko magbugwal….lol…
    akong kamot mora kamot ug tigols lagi…
    tinood ni ha?…dili bakak….
    pakit.on nya tikaw, pohon makauli ko, ok?

    29……ako pod long vacation….vacation—-vacation….makapahuwag ug limpyo diri…..bye na uy, giboringan na ka….lol

  10. Ylan Says:

    nah ako pud madame vk bati ug kamot, masuya ko sa uban nga mga kandilaon kaau ug mga kamot unya nindot ug shape ang mga kuko.. ako kay pangit jud hehehe! ayaw lang gud panglimpyo, palapos lang sa dunggan nya ang yawyaw sa imong bana ug mga anak! LOL!

  11. vk Says:


    correct ni uy……..kinsa moingon nga abog na kaayo ang cabinet.,…ako tagaan ug trapo ug vacuum lagi…heheh

    ako bana mosolti, akong ingnon nga asa mayo karon ikaw manglimpyo…hahahaha

    tawon hilom lagi siya, mo smile na lang lagi…..looya sa?
    mao pay nangita ug diyot, mao pay akong palimpyohon…ka way puangod nga asawa no?…
    ayaw sundog nako ha….badlongon……….lol

  12. Ylan Says:

    hahaha ingna ra imong bana maam, namarayeg raman ko dear, panagsa ra bitaw hehehe!

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