tungud sa kaduka or tungud sa katanga?

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Exactly a week ago, i got hooked to a lot of misfortunes. You see, even if i’m awake, it’s as if i’m still asleep that I walk around with only the slightest hint of knowingness. I was already on board the jeepney when I realized i left my cellphone (again). Normally, leaving cellphones at home ain’t a bother. I for sure won’t be missing any interesting nor heartwarming messages anyway duhhh! I don’t know but at that moment I instantly decided to get off and go home. Giatot! kainit raba! So, I get off the jeep, made my way across Banawa Street and hailed a jeep bound back to Guadalupe. While walking towards home, I tripped the ground and my left shoe got stucked in the step. I impatiently lift my left foot thus the heel of my shoe got reaped. I said it must have been the reason why my impulse brought me home or else I would have been dragging my left shoe somewhere else - that would have been more shameful. Naturally I changed my shoes when I got home and I was like half irate half amused. I tried to graciously went my way back to the street. Now the scene got me back to Banawa street when I realized the jeepney i rode on was on the right lane. We should have been on the left. The driver was waiting for the go signal then while the konduktor was coherently shouting “o Englis, o Englis!” Shoot! I rode the wrong jeep! The jeepney was bound to Taboan and not to Jones. I confidently said “lugar lang sa atbang noy” as if wala nasayup ug sakay. hehehe! I was so certain, the sign board read as San Jone-Carbon. Well, to make the story short, i end up reporting to work late…


The office launched its Christmas program last Friday where they presented the participants for the PETC Idol. Wahahaha two lead engineers and one expat from Michigan are joining. How far can they pull off their hidden talents? LOL! Our department is a party pooper - nobody’s joining the contest. They also presented the different christmas trees from each department. Our department grabbed the first prize in the parol making contest last year. :)

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  1. melz Says:

    d ka nman msyadong lipong ^_^

  2. Ylan Says:

    as in melay! mura gyud ko ug hubug! LOL!

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