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In one day, that is today, i received two wedding invitations. One from a male officemate (Antonio) and another from a female friend (Joana) back in college. Actually my friend’s fiance (Raymond) is also a friend and classmate. I’ve never heard from them for quite some time now. Well, not until a few minutes earlier when i received the email. True enough, they made their promise not to forget me when the big day happens. Back then, that famous line - 3 is a crowd was a matter-of-fact because i was such a crowd. However, this lovely couple never made me feel insecure or anything to that effect. I was never out of place with them. Now, that they are finally tying the knot - i’m more than happy for them. They truly deserve each other. :)

I told Joy, my other close friend in college about the upcoming wedding. To which she replied, what took them so long? And you? When are you getting married? Huh! I wish i have an answer to quip! Joy, by the way, is one year my senior who got married to my classmate in 2002 (? or 2003) and i’m the beautiful godmother (lol!) to their first baby.

Why is everyone getting married? Should I not wonder!? 28 ka na iha, mga kabatch mo may mga anak nah! LOL! (or should this be waaahhhhhhh!!!)

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  1. vk Says:

    hi ylan, sus abi nako ikaw na magminyo uy, hayyyyy, imbitado ra diay ka…lol..
    sus ko 28 na ka????
    btaw, at that age, giingnan ko sa akong onkel, pro privately ha? nobody heard it….nga hapit na daw ko magpage 3 or chapter lll, aguy wa ko kasabot, unsa ni, so i asked my closed co-opis ko, aguy, meaning diay nga hapit nako mag 3000000…heheheh

    ingon ko, ach doy kung bobokol, bokol gyod….dah, di nabokol gyod, kay naminyo man ko dayon, importe../../../../2006_2F11_2F28_2Fweddings-here-there-everywhere_2F/d pa__8230.css;hahahhaah

    mao na, hulat ra ni prince charming uy, moabot ra gyod na, naa ra na sa imong mga kakiliran…hehhehe

    sigi, kay basa pa ko sa uban diri nga imong post, sus 1 week lang kong nawala, daghana na akong na missed diri…

  2. irel Says:

    wahhhhhh nawagting man akong comment pag log in nako!!! okay usab napod ko ha….mao ni akong sermon!!!!

    Huwat lang sa maam kay time will come w/ the right guy for u!!! you can’t rush love!!!! enjoy being a single gwapa!!! cozz.. once u get married with brats??? trust me sometimes u feel like wishing u’r single once again!!! LOL bitaw just take u’r time!!!

  3. melz Says:

    it’s okay… i sympathize w/u, ylan.

    huwat lg naa jud na maabot…

  4. Ylan Says:

    vk>> sus maam, present ra ko permi sa mga kasal, pero dili ako ang bride, dakilang guest lang hahaha! aw pila man diay imong edad naminyo ka? :) mao man, maghulat lang ko hhehehe…

    irel>> salamat kay nakatultul na gyud ka diri sa akong blog hehehe… yeah nalingaw raman ko sa akong life, samokan lang ko anang uwanan ko ug pangutana about minyo2x lol!

    melz>> yeah puede naka mojoin sa akong club for the meantime hehehe…

  5. kookie Says:

    wow apo mag minyo na oppps dili d ay hehehe ayaw kalimte si lola ha…lovely place tc muah

  6. Lanie G Says:

    Hi Ylan,
    Hulat lang, you dont need to be rush on getting married because the right time and the right person who you will be your prince will come along just like me. I didnt expected I will married somebody from U. S. I am already 30 when I met my husband and got engage when I’m turning 31 and got married after I turn 31. So enjoy bing single because you will miss that once your married. Thanks for you condolence. tc

  7. Ylan Says:

    kookie>> hahaha dili tawon Lola, gi invite rako, dili ako ang minyuun hehehe :) sure La, if makakaplag ko ug pamanhon, inviton gyud tika! hahaha! :)

    lanieg>>thanks for the nice words madame, bitaw wala man ko gadali, nalingaw pa man sab ko sa akong pagkadalaga hehe :) Hope ur family is coping up with the lose…

  8. amy Says:

    sayon ra na! saw-a lang ang bouquet sa gikasal aron ikaw maoy sunod. hehehe*

  9. Ylan Says:

    amy>> haha madame i dont like catching bouquets! LOL! mao na part sa wedding nga dili nako ginahan hahaha…. kanang i-rollcall na dayon tanang dalaga aron musalo sa buwak.. di gyud na nako feel LOL! :D

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