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bday gurls

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Hurray! Hurray! Nov 7 and 8 respectively is the birthday of two dear friends whom i met through the net - Irel and Carlota.

I met Irel from Tennessee (now living in Nebraska) through the now defunct online group Cebuana Kyootiez (founded by my friend Angela) way back in 2003 or earlier. I went to Michigan last March 2004 for a work assignment and Irel apparently told Carlota that i was coming. Carlota emailed me and introduced herself. Useless as i am, i was dependent on everyone’s help - i cannot drive. So, in as much as I would like to meet her, i cannot do so since it would mean imposing to my coworkers to drop and pick me off. She was kind enough to do that for me and toured me around some malls in Michigan for two weekends. I was more than thankful to Irel for introducing me to Carlota and to Carlota for the kind gesture. Thank you both and as you celebrate your birthdays, may you truly be blessed by God’s bountiful blessings. Happy Happy Birthday! By the way, these two ladies cannot figure out where, when and how they met. :P

Irel and her cuttie Nathan

ang mga matahum! nyahahahaha! carlota, julie and me

When I came back to Cebu, i started my livejournal thing and the rest is history… i met Glorie and the rest of the bloggers in my pals’ list. I hope i get to meet each and everyone of them soon. It’s no surprise, most of them are married with wonderful families. Kodus Ladies! :)

4 things about me

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Subject: 4 things about me….

Things about me - things you may or may not have known about me in no particular order.

A) Four jobs I have had in my life (that some people may not know):

• Computer Lab Assistant
• Quality Assurance In-Charge
• Test/Validation Engineer
• Looking for my 4th job :P

B) Four movies I would watch over and over

• Fools Rush In
• How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days
• Sweet Home Alabama
• Coyote Ugly (and movies like Troy, King Arthur, etc and my favorite Koreanovelas nyehehe!)

C) Four places where I have lived

• Cebu, Phils
• Europe (in my dreams)
• Australia (in my another dream)

D) Four television shows I watch

• Oprah
• Pimp My Ride
• Laguna Beach
• Philippine Dream Academy

E) Four places I have been on vacation

• Bacolod Phils
• Bohol Phils
• Camotes Islands Phils
• California (yohooo disneyland!)

F) Websites I visit daily

• my blog
• my livejournal
• my piczo
• my yahoomails

G) Four of my favorite foods

• kakanins (budbud, puto, empanada, etc)
• pizzas & pastas
• pastries
• seafoods & grilled fish/meat

H) Four places I would rather be right now

• Michigan
• California
• France/Venice/Ireland /Germany (anywhere europe!)
• Singapore/Japan

Irel, Happy Happy Birthday, this is a long overdue assignment from you, finally have my answers! :P I still have around 30 ‘question & answer’ stuff to post yet, i might try answering it once a week! heheh! :D

gug’s birthday

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Her nickname is Gugs. Quite unique for a name huh! But it used to be Love. Ay katam-is! Once our manager said “does she have other nickname?” Hmnnn must be sensational calling his subordinate Love. An offshore counterpart once said to my male colleague - is she your girlfriend? She must have heard him calling Love all the time. Tsk! makaduda! Seemingly, some of my male officemates find it unenviable to call her Love. I eventually started calling her Gugma. It is not as slushy as compared to the english term right? Well, what do you know, there came the word Gugs! Ain’t that hip and cool for someone whose real name is Ma. Fe Lovella? Happy Birthday Gugs! Thanks for the treat! :) –> Trivia: She’s got that healthy appetite yet she never gets fat!

sum-ul na kaau ni among nawng duha sige kuyug! :D

nakalugsong man! sa di masayrang rason,
wala si william vosotros aning hitaboa ganina! :D

o o trabaho dili magpacute! :P

murag 2 separate shots gi cut and paste sa? :D

hoist gugs & jonax, eyes on the board! :P

d antartikans! bweheheh!

just validating how cute we can get! :)

Working our ass off, hellish! Smiling and posing our ass off, priceless!

Finally! dili na bayot akong layout … i tell you, this is an immense challenge to my psychological state, pink has vanished! how tormenting!! lolz!

9 weird habits

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Got this tag from Ms. LU, Ethel… so here’s my infamous weird habits :P

1. I won’t last a day without a handkerchief. I need to have a hanky with me when I’m not home. (feeling ate V!)

2. I feel incomplete if i don’t wear earrings.

3. I can’t sleep without a pillow under my feet. I can get away without a pillow in my head but not without a pillow for my feet.

4. When closing doors & cabinets, i check if its really closed by pulling the drawer or knobs repeatedly, someone might conclude i’m a theft. (paranoid eh!)

5. I switch power supply/tools to OFF by repeatedly reciting “wala naka nisiga so palong naka!” (paranoia again!)

6. If i have bulk of new mails when i open MS Outlook, i open them without reading, transfer to a new folder labeled as “tobereadyet” then read it some time later. I just hate seeing subject lines in bold characters and i hate seeing unread new mails on my main inbox. Just being “OC” - dont like unorganized mailbox and i dont like receiving notifications that i have exceeded mailbox capacity. :P

7. I still collect stationaries, so i try not to get close to stationary stands in bookstores. ;)

8. When i’m in a jeepney and spot a “likeable” guy, i would immediately take a look at his arms/hands not to see if his married or not but just to see if he has nice skin. LOL!

9. I dont usually fit clothes/shirts before buying them. I’m so damn lazy fitting them. (ako ra na matamatahon if maigo nako, if igo suerte, if dili, suerte akong mga younger sis)

So there… am i that weird? :P

HAPPY HALLOWEEN guys! i hope naa koy puto, budbud, biko nga makaon ugma! :D ug unta dili kuhiton akong lubot sa akong mga nipanaw nga mga kaparyentehan if dili ko kaduaw sa ilang mga lubong ugma….

Ylan - the Grudge 3 - mmwwahahahaha!