Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ang baha...

Last night was just one of those "baha moments" around the metropolis. Metropolis daw! wahahaha! dah gabaha na pud sa sugbu oi! At around 10:00pm, the rain was very heavy you'd know it won't stop any sooner. We decided to take the reclamation route instead of Mandaue hi-way knowing that flood in Mandaue is worst than you can imagine. Yay! the car stalled and car engine died more than 10 times! First was near UCLM then on & off all the way to Ayala. All I prayed was for us (Lloyd, Lenny and Me) not to be stranded and be home safe. Finally after what seemed to be like forever, I arrived home past 2:00am all drenched. My feet that is- my shoes was soaked in the clogged rain waters. Ahay poor drainage as always.

I was so hungry then, thanks to the ever reliable instant pansit canton hehe. Oh yeah, gibinlan ko ug ginisang buwad bulinaw, nasulbad akong kagutum! I was not satisfied, nikaon pa ko ug pan! What a gluttonous habit I sure have! :P

After filling in my empty tummy, I decided to review my Nihongo notes for our exam today. Oopps stop, i saw my Ponds moisturizer. Aha, let me apply this stuff on my face. Then I saw my good old hair brush. Naa ra diay ka diri hah! I combed my hair not to the 100th times but 'til i got bored and sleepy. I still had in my mind the Nihongo review though but decided to have it in the morning when I wake up.

It's now 5:00pm, time for our exam and I haven't reviewed a thing! Forgive me Sensei, I have to cut class now and eat my dinner, I can't event construct a single sentence waaahhh! Bummer! See, I'm the queen of procrastination! Yuck! Well, I like learning Nihongo, don't get me wrong here. I even tried to enrol during my college years but schedules offered were always in conflict with my major ECE subjects. I have my chance at work now but I'm too lazy and I don't like to be pressured. I wanted to take it lightly. Anyways, to my classmates, Ganbatte kudasai ne!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pinoy Dream Academy

ABS-CBN 3 kicked off their new reality tv show Pinoy Dream Academy last saturday night in Cebu City - Provincial Capitol Building. They'be been putting up the stage for a couple of days and left me thinking that a big event or show or whatever might be held. I wasn't expecting for the dream academy but i was rather expecting for a cultural show or congress something.

I just watched it on TV live. I liked the 2nd or was it the 3rd batch who sang pinoy love songs medley. I guess some of my neighbors were huddled in capitol but no way, not me, i'm too annoyed by the crowd and it was raining. I could have seen Sam Milby in person :P On that night they selected the top 16 from among 30+ semi finalists. One of these 16 hopefuls will become the first Pinoy Dream Academy star. We'll see if this reality show will be as hit as Pinoy Big Brother.

I heard the firecrackers during the finale... our house is like only 5 minutes or so away from the venue.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Why are there songs
that transport you to that night or moment
that make your stomach do somersaults, quite uncomfortably, reluctant to remember,
that bring a grin to your face but a twitch at the heart,
that make your soul travel for a split-second and touch another soul, involuntarily or not,
that no one else but you can cry to,
melodies and memories that wring emotions
only you can feel.

Why are there songs so
powerful they bring you back to that rainy day
the last touch
the first
the songs that you sing in your head but never aloud for fear
of what could happen, what should’ve happened,
tunes that slice through the heart,
that make you close your eyes and wake up to a scene so familiar
hidden bodies of water caged by lime, the promise of love without the promise of forever.

Why are there songs
that turn your blood cold and hot at the same time
that undress you, baring every piece of flesh, that throbbing heart,
leaving you shivering, wondering, remembering
the shadows beneath the beating heart, hearts,
the fear, the elation, the shower of sadness trickling slowly, washing no memory away
that turn your hands ice-cold, the knot in your stomach tight,that yearn to come out but do not for fear of acknowledging a feeling, possibly hidden, that can only come alive
through song.

Why are there songs
that unearth the unremembered,
that expose what has been hidden,that are words and songs to a stranger’s ear
but the key to the turbulence within you.

Why are there songs
that do not stop me from listening,why these songs
that make time travel possible without moving a limb
why songs
are the only one with such power to move, to daze, to pierce, to freeze, to lure, to unarm, to make me weep
and wonder
why i listen still.

A forwarded piece from Gugs...
not sure of the title & the author.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

5 years and counting? hmnnnn...

It has been really hectic for the past weeks. I've supported another project of urgent request. Last saturday, I came in at around 4:00pm then went home past 9:00am the following day. Luckily, we hit the deadline. Believe me, that was one of hell of a struggle especially for the 2 of my colleagues. I really don't understand why Honda was and is all that urgent and tight with their timing plans. Tsk! Anyways, as soon as I arrived home, I went to sleep and woke up at around 4pm. Surprisingly, I slept for like 6hrs only. I could have dozed off much longer than that. Monday was a special holiday so it meant no work. At least, I had yesterday as my rest day. I was very lazy, all i do was just lying down and watching tv. I'm almost done with "My Girl", I'll be on the last episode later tonight. hhehe. :)

Exactly one week ago, the 5&10 years service awarding ceremony was held. Tsk, so stingy as always! I really don't know what to feel, should i be happy or sad that i'm still here for the past 5 years. Man, can't believe I endured 5 years! Maybe, i'd just look on the brighter side of it.

geezz, do they really have to show my old picture? Huh!

find me in the collage! :P

batchmates: me, lenny, lovella

with aisah: buutan na bata, perfect attendance :P

murag naa sa parlor? wehehehe! :D

Monday, August 14, 2006

my imbecilities

Sa bisaya pa, akong mga katangahan ug kapalpakan. Sa dili lang hibaw-an, mukalit ra ug kaengot akong utok nga dili hibantayan. :D

Ako: Meloy, ngano man nih? dili lagi mo-ON bisan unsaon nako ug click? naa ko naset-ani nga dili mao? (galibug na kaau akong utok ngano dili ma ON ang LED/button sa GUI nga niwork man kaganina)
Meloy: (Niduul sa akong table) Asa ba? Ngeehhh! dili man ang button iclick, ang REQ RM nga button i click oi!
Ako: Aw o sa? atot oi, nganong wala man ko gahunahuna ana, nayabag naman ko!
Meloy: Excited ra tingali ka sa imong Koreanovelas marathon! (kay niabot na ang padala ni Aneshka, salamat kaau Aneshka)
Ako: Hehehe tingali!

Cashier sa Greenwich: What's your order maam?
Ako: Ahh baked macaroni lang (kay taud-taud na nga akong gidumtan matilawan kay lami man kaau sa TV tan-awon gud)
CG: Meal ni maam? What's your drinks?
Ako: Royal/Mirinda lang. Aw ayaw na lang diay, dili lang ko magdrinks, melon pearl coolers lang ako.
CG: I meal lang nato maam para makaless ka ug 2pesos sa drinks.
Ako: Dili lang lagi ko magdrinks kay melon pearl coolers akoa!
CG: Dili lang maam i meal lang lagi nato para makaless ka.
Ako: (Gipaningkamutan nga dili musaka ang tingog) Ahmnnn dili lang lagi ko, pearl coolers lang ako.
CG: Kuan maam bah, i meal lang nato, puede raman mailisan ang drinks ug pearlcooler, makasave ka ug 2pesos.
Ako: Ah mao ba? o sige! (unsyalan! wala gitarong ug sulti nga puede ra diay ilisan di niingon ra dayon unta ko ug sige i-meal lang! tsk... tsk..)

Sumpay ni, napa ko sa Greenwich ani....
Niduul nako ang usa sa mga crew.... akong gihunahuna jud kay iya kong panguta-on unsa kulang sa akong gi-order.
Crew: Maam, puede nako kuhaon ang tray?
Ako: Hmnnn dugay kaau nakatingog kay murag na-blockout ang utok, wala nahinumdum sa pangalan sa iyang gi-order. Ahmmn kuan.... (kaingnonon na kaau ko ug unsa gani na inyong baligya aside sa lasagna ug spaghetti?) Dako kaau ko ug haaayy kuan...
Crew: Kuan maam ba puede na nako kuhaon ang tray? (nidako iyang tingog)
Ako: Aw o puede ra (atot puerte nakong ulawa, kung puti pako, niblush na kunuhay ko. Maygani nakalingi ko sa bongbong ug nakit-an nako ang poster ni Lucky sa commercial. Ako kunuhay gibawi akong kaulaw) Kuan wala pa akong baked macaroni. (I'm sure kaingon tu ang crew, tralala man ning bayhana oi! hehehe)

After kaon ganina sa canteen, balik nako akong desk...
Ako: Hala patay! wala nako nabayran akong gikaon additional na juice ug ngohiong!!! Sus may nalang wala ko gitawag sa tindera ganina pag-agi nako, maulawan tako, kaon-kaon walay bayad-bayad hehehee! ni-insert ra raba ko sa linya pina-ingon, excuse me hah, magkuha ra ko ug straw! wahahaha! wala diay tu nakabayad! ataka puerte jud nakong limuta!
Nibalik ko sa canteen kay buutan gud ko...
Ako: Palita ko aning dewberry tarts, pila nih?
Tindera: Nangukay sa iyang listahan (unsaon? wa pa sya kasag-u sa mga presyo)
Ako: Aw tag 6 na sya.
Tindera: Aw bitaw... 6 maam.
Ako: Tunul sa akong 100 (naguul ko kay bago pa kaau). Kuhai lang pud ni ug juice ug ngiohiong ganina akong gikuha (hehehe pa-simple ba para dili obvious nga wala ko nibayad ganina hehe)...

Kani dili jud ni akong sala...
Nagpa Hepa screening ko ganina. I have had my dose of vaccines some 2-3 years ago. Pero para masure kuno if ang anti-bodies kay nabuhi sa akong body, iscreen ko balik. Bitaw sayang pud, dili baya tu lalim tusukon akong bukton once a month for 3 months. Ang problema lang kay kung wala tu nabuhi, that meant, magpatusuk ko ug balik! waaaahhhh!
Ako: Miss ayaw ra ko pakit-a ig tusok ug kuha nimo ug dugo hah.
Nurse/Tigkuha ug dugo/Ambot unsa tawag ana nila: Ok miss... kumua imong kamot. (left ni)
Ako: Akong nafeel nga nitusok na ang dagom. (What the? nganong dugay man naibot ang dagom? Kadaghan na baya ko kasulay kuhaon ug blood sample hah.) Nakaingon ko ug "ba't ang tagal!?" para dili kaayu obvious ba nga nalagot nako...
NTA: Miss sorry hah, nicollapse imong veins, wala ko makuha nga dugo na, wala napuno ang vial. Balhin nato sa pikas kamot.
Ako: Waahhhhh atot atot atot!
NTA: Ayaw kakulbaan miss.
Ako: Wala ko nakulbaan oi. Ok ra ko. (kulbaan ko pero i can manage)
NTA: Kumua imong kamot miss (right na ni). Tara. (Iya na pud dayon gitusok akong kaugatan)
Ako: Nisiga jud akong mata! Kay for the first time nakafeel ko ug sakit kaau nga pagtusok! Waaahhh ngano man ni oi!
NTA: (Gitawag iyang kauban) Asa mao na ni? (Aw unsa ba dili pa sya sure)
NTA2: O mao na na.
NTA: (Taud-taud) Humana miss.
Ako: Haay salamat. (may gani wala ni andar akong terereng sa utok wala ko nagminaldita, tagaan na lang ug chance kay murag bago pa sya nga manusukay hehe)

Kada taw nga akong masugatan: "Lan ngano duha man na imong tusok?" (kay makita man ang gapas nga gipatung sa gitusukan sa akong duha ka bukton). Ako sab sige balikbalik ingon kuan man gud nicollapse ang blah blah (mura sab ug kasabot ko sa akong gi-explain bah! hehehe) Tsk mura ko ug naphobia ganina dah. Nihubag man gud ang right nga tusuk unya nilagum ang kilid unya ngulngul ilihok. Paksit jud!

Friday, August 11, 2006

to all the smart women i know :p

Brain Transplant

In the hospital the relatives gathered in the waiting room, where their family member lay gravely ill. Finally, the doctor came in looking tired and somber. "I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news," he said as he surveyed the worried faces."The only hope left for your loved one at this time is a brain transplant. It's an experimental procedure, very risky but it is the only hope. Insurance will cover the procedure, but you will have to pay for the brain yourselves. "The family members sat silent as they absorbed the news. After a great length of time, someone asked, "Well, how much does a brain cost?" The doctor quickly responded, "$5,000 for a male brain, and $200 for a female brain." The moment turned awkward. Men in the room tried not to smile, avoiding eye contact with the women, but some actually smirked. A man unable to control his curiosity, blurted out the question everyone wanted to ask,"Why is the male brain so much more?" The doctor smiled at the childish innocence and explained to the entire group, "It's just standard pricing procedure. We have to mark down the price of the female brains, because they've actually been used."

*** from a forwarded mail ***

Thursday, August 10, 2006

pakapin nga hulagway...

sa ukay-ukay... nalingaw ra gyud mi ug pangukay...unsaon!... ay nakasimba diay ko sa Lourdes Church sa Labangon after sa ukay-ukay kay dira man muhunong ang jeep from Tabunok... :P sus maygani wala ko niasu! :P

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ukay-ukay mo diha!?

Last friday after work, 5 of my colleagues and I ate at Tapsilogan. You see, we really don't have that much options around here in Lapulapu especially on late hours of the night. Malipay na gyud mi makakaon ug tapsi :P After eating, we tried to look for a coffee shop to hang out. Unlucky as we were, the one shop we thought was cool has already closed. Not just for the night but was closed for real, it has become another food resto something. Left with no choice, we headed to Starbucks in Ayala only to drink hot choco and not coffee! :D Tigulang na jud tingali mi kay dili na musukul ug kape kung gabii nah kaau hehe!

On Sunday, we went to our former officemate's residence in Talisay to take a look on her ukay-ukay sale. She has been texting us to come visit her and buy some stuff. Wow! It was a 2-hour bout of selecting and picking among the many blouses and shirts and pants. It was really my first time to buy in an ukay-ukay. Well, it was fun. ;)

As promised, gipakaon mi ug snacks na binignit! Asa ka ana, free snacks :)

Grrr i wanted to label the pics but i can't... there's also a missing pic, nikaging! dili mapost! grrrr!!!! Nah mao ni usa sa nakabati sa blog hmmppp...

Friday, August 04, 2006

A post for someone...

I met a new friend from bisdakplanet who used to be from Lapulapu City. I know she misses her great great grandfather so much so here I'm posting a picture of him :D Mabuhay ang mga apo ni Lapulapu! :P

Greta, this is for you! :)


Sutukil (Sugba Tuwa Kilaw)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Welcome to my new lair! :P

Geezzzzz... finally i'm done with all the editing and stuff. So because I wanted so much to personalize my journal, I decided to try blogspot. So here it is... you are welcome to take a peek. I don't promise sensible entries though... :P

As usual and very evident, dominant color is pink. I swear i tried using other colors but i just don't feel comfortable with it. I can't do away with pink!

Yesterday, I went to SM and saw these cute shirts. Hmnnnn I realized pink is nice if combined with yellow. Toink! there goes my color layout! hehe!!!

Obviously i bought the above tweety baby tees. Don't you think i have a weird sense of fashion? :D Whenever i find something cute and can't decide which color to pick, I'll buy 2 or 3 of them! That's true, i buy different colors of the same design. :)

By the way, the tees were from the kid's department. Well, XL size fits me! lol!

Well then, see yah around here. Ciao! :)