Friday, December 29, 2006

EB Pics

Heto nah! heto nah! heto nah! hahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa!
dobido bido bido dobido bido bido bido ahhhhhh!!!

What: Eyeball
When: Dec 17, 2006
Where: Pizzahut Ayala Mall Cebu
Who: Genalyn, Glorie & Me

Finally, we met... the pictures below will tell the story. :)

glorie, me, genalyn fresh from LU :P

thanks for the chocolates gen & patrick :)

with Genalyn's betterhalf and friends :)

my manita Genalyn!
ako gicut akong nawng kay dako kaau! wahahaha!!

Genalyn and Glor, thanks for the time spared, i know busy kaau mo sa inyong buhay2x... hehe... it was really fun and nice seeing Genalyn in person... pagka-petite na bayi oi! :) Sa uulitin gurls!!! :)

Oi mga taga bisdak, suya mo noh? hehehe! :D kinsa sunod muuli puhon? :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

christmas greetings

To each and everyone:

Merry Merry Christmas.... may the love, joy and warmth of the christmas season be with you all, all year round... :)

Gikan sa cebu, adtu sa inyong tagsatagsa ka panimalay sa laing-laing dapit sa kalibutan, akong madasigong pag-ambit ug Maayung Pasko!!! Maglipay kitang tanan! :D

Happy holidays!

P.S. Thanks to Ethel for the cute siggies on the side bar. :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

parties and such

I haven't been to the cyberworld for a week. I'm off from work and i don't have internet at home so it'll mean no blogging.

December 2 - the day after our Department Christmast Party, a few of my girl friends went to Jona's humble abode. We just hang out and ate and chitchatted. Our first time to visit her new house in Consolacion. It was fun. Her house is nice. The houses are nice. The subdivision is nice. Her husband cooked for us. Hehe! By the way, girl friends = girl officemates. :)

tinitz, lenny, jona, gugs | me (standing)

December 5 - our section party held at Tong's - a resto famous for its baked talaba (mussels) and oysters. After what seemed like forever of changing venues and etcetera days before the party, we finally concorded.

jona, me, tinitz, lenny | lenny & macelle (bisdak ni sila not koreanas hehe!)
Click here if you want to see more photos...

Dec 8 - our company wide christmas party held at NASA Disco. Unfortunately, i did not stay long as i wasn't feeling well. I had to leave early. Heck! first time my face is nowhere to be found in the group pics! lol! I got one pose to share though.

ailyn, lenny, me, jona, tinitz, gugs
for the love of my former colleagues, click macelle's site for more pics...

So basically during christmas season, i usually attend three christmas parties at work. One for the department, another one for the section and lastly one for the company wide. Aint that fun? By the way, thanks to my manita (Aisah) for the cute sling bag. :)

Dec 7 - nothing special. Just "officially" our last working day for 2006. You know bored people do anything for fun... :P

no need for a caption, heller! as usual ga pink ko noh! :D

Since i have nothing to do and i'm not in any way reporting to work - i finished watching 39 episodes of Grey's Anatomy! wahahaha!!!

Ethel - yes, maghimamat na gyud mi ni genalyn karong dominggo puhon with Glorie hehe... ayaw kabalaka, ingnon ko gyud sya sa imong buwad! :P

Malou - oo gabagyo napud after atong ni hit sa Legazpi... ari gyud tu sa visayas... signal #3 ang northern Cebu nya signal #2 ang rest sa Cebu ug ubang bahin sa visayas... kaluuy sa Ginoo, wala raman dinhi sa subgu, hangin2x and uwan2x ra gamay...

Amy & Beth - oo nacancel ang summit tungud sa Baguio... good thing, wala ra gihapon mi work hehe... gipadayon ra sa company na holiday mi, unsaon, late na kaau pag friday gi-announce na cancelled diay ang summit... pero kung ang weather ra sa cebu ang tan-awon, ok ra baya if gipadayon ang summit, dili man dilikado.. pero maau ra sab nga wala kay ngano? gibahaan ang atubangan sa convention center ug naay leaks ang building! hehe kaulaw ta toh! :D ipadayon karong January daw, ambot basin work na gyud mi anih... i'll keep you posted. :)

Everyone - thanks for the visit and for the comments and messages. :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

B.E. Christmas Party '06

I'd like to say that the party last Friday was a success. Thanks and congrats to the organizers. Not all joined in this annual department activity but nevertheless it was fun. For the benefit of those who do not know, B.E. stands for Body Electronics, one of the two major groups in our department. Technically speaking, it wasn't a department party but rather just a group party. The supposedly department party did not push through because the Electro-mechanical group opted to go to Alcoy on the same date.

I was surprised when i saw on the news later that evening about the typhoon that hit Legazpi in Luzon. It was a pretty sunny fine day in Cebu.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. :) Click here should you wish to view more photos.

deadma ang init basta hirit ug pa-pic! :P

me & officemates

parlor games

hilarious number from the hardyboyz

intosan resort

By the way, i won in the raffle, got myself a cute tea cup & saucer set. :)

thanks to my officemates for sharing the photos!