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My friend Ailyn once wrote these lines:

Everyday, many unexpected truth will come to your way that are very far from your expectations.

Surprised? Yes.

Shocked? Yes.

Disappointed? Don’t be.

It’s the truth and you have nothing to do to change it. Just give some time to absorb it to your senses and live life flexibly. No one will ever live up to your expectations.

Next time, expect less.

As for my case, I wasn’t suprised, in fact i was kind of expecting it. However, i didn’t realize it would be this quite disappointing. Ahh those sweet words, indeed they are just mere toss of adjectives. For a moment, you get to be blown away. Then you realize, it just at is but empty words.

Sure I’ll allow it to settle in my senses… then expect less, next time.

For the mean time, allow me to be enwrapped in those sweet words. Because once upon a time, i thought those sweet words were for real.

‘Till then…

8 Responses to “expectations…”

  1. arlene Says:

    hi Ylan, your friend Ailyn wrote those very well. There are lots of things in life that we tend to expect they’ll happened as we want them to happen, but of course, it’s not always the case. Part of life is ‘handling’ disappointments. The only thing we can do, i guess, is to think positive:)

  2. vk Says:

    mao lagi na ang life-kinabuhi ba na siya ngalan…..lol…

    dah usahay may ups n downs-….
    mayo lagi unta sigi ups….nya kung ma down, mao na ngalan….dissapointments….hapla gyod…

    pero, that is life….

    akoa ra ni ha?….

    nice poems…….letter…..

  3. Ylan Says:

    Arlene>> hi arlene! thanks for visiting my site… yeah disappointments are inevitable in life… so i guess the only thing i can do is deal with it… :)

    Vk>> madame vk! ani gud ni ang life, parang buhay! hehe… thanks!

  4. vk Says:


    beri korek gyod na ylan….hahahahahah

    ana gyod na ang layf, mora ug buhay…hahahahahhaah

    mao nga dance with it,. bisan gasampongot na………hahahahah
    idigwa lang kong dili kaagwanta…..aron mogawas………..lol

  5. haze Says:

    Mao nay gina ingon sa song lyrics na….

    I get knock-downed but I get up again….
    If we fall we shall rise again,lol!

    Kinahanglan bangon lang jud ta permi….

    dawaton ang mga dissapointment bisan unsa kasakit hehehehe…..

  6. Ylan Says:

    Haze>> mao gyud haze, part jud ni sa atong kinabuhi maong angay dawaton.. aw unsa bah hehehe…

  7. vk Says:

    hehehehe, moattached sa ko bi….

    Amen, haze…………sakto gyod ka or na…..

    bisan nahagba, mobangon gyod uy, ug mamapha……maslide-sliding man gani ang Bukid-mountain, kita pa…….dili ba?

  8. fiona Says:


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