six years…

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Exactly 6 years ago, something great happened…

Someone: I like you a lot, will you be my girlfriend?
Me: Yes! I’d be happy to be your girlfriend. (ayiii!)

–> Hmnnn… oopppss but not quite.

Someone: Will you marry me?
Me: Yes! Of course, yes! (ayiiii!)

–> You gotta be in delirium! That aint happened! Seriously, here’s what really happened…

Someone: Welcome to **** Corporation!
Me: Yehey! Yehey! (i got a job! i got a job!!)

Back then, it was great, now i think otherwise… yet, i’m thankful.

6 years… and counting? i’ll never know… :)

The Sinulog Festival 2007 concluded yesterday - mardigra, fireworks, street concerts. I just stayed at home and watched it on tv. I know i’m so lousy! :P Last year, i was at Ayala watched some concerts. Surprisingly, Ayala’s very quiet on this year’s sinulog festivities…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    6 yrs. is a long time, Bud!:p Ang among division (ISG’s 26 plants) gipalit man ni Wilbur Ross…pls. see Lear broadcast…ang iyang reputation kay corporate pirate man kuno ni cya…effective March…ang among ngan kay International Automotive Components na…25% na lang ang gipanag-iya sa Lear..75% ang sa pirata…:) tsaon na lang…unsay au sa imong palibot Miss Cabrijas? Time to spread your wings na uy! Hapit na ra ba ang gubat…hala ka!

  2. Ylan Says:

    Lolo! mao ba Lo? nah unsaon, dili ko tigbasa ug mail broadcast! dretso delete! hehehe! but does u still belong to Lear? i mean, inyong email add lear gihapon and everything? or lahi na gyud?… nah Lo, i so wanted to spread my wings na oi kay wala na gyud ayu diri… but it seems that fate is so cruel to me! charr! nice to hear from you again Lo oi! mura man ka ug ipu-ipu mukalit lang ug butho! LOL! :P

  3. Ylan Says:

    unsa man na akong giyawit oi, gatuwad-tuali, akong pangutana ba Lo if under ra gihapon mo sa pamalakad sa Lear, different lang name or totally different entity na gyud mo?

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