the rain and the shoes

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The rain and the shoes. Uhmnn sounds incoherent? Not really…

Tale 1:

I was already at the gate near the guards’ post when the heavy rain suddenly poured. And i was wearing my new white shoes. What a tragic night! I continued my plight, walked through the streets down to the main gate. The adorable couple Lenny and Gabriel saw me and had me hopped in to their car. “What does this single lady doing alone under the heavy rain?” Gabriel commented. I quipped uhmmnn ahhh i like the rain? Truth of the matter, i was disheartened of what had happened to my new white errr smudged shoes.

Tale 2:

I got a new pair of shoes again. The one with a bronze color. Those colors that sprout the shoes department now a days. The heavy rain poured again that fateful evening. I was glad the ‘Silverado’ will take me home and i wouldn’t have to walk down the zone main gate. Sadly, the rain did not stop and the time has come for me to disembark from the gigantic jeep. My heart sunk when i found out i had no choice but to step on the muddy waters. Imagine how my new shoes would have felt? Yes right, granting the shoes had feelings. Aint that tormenting!?

I like the rain, really. I like it when it rains, just definitely not when it soils my shoes. Especially my new shoes.

2 Responses to “the rain and the shoes”

  1. irel Says:

    hehhehe mao nay gingon next time madame pagdala ug laing sapatos isulod sa imong bag para kung mag-uwan aw dali dali dayun ug ilis before madamage nag kabag-ohan:) mwah

  2. Ylan Says:

    Irel haha na arang ka samok ra pud ug bitbit ug laing sapatos oi hehe bug-at sa bag… pero bitaw ang boots kanang panglusung sa baha bah hehe

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