The Face Behind The Blog

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So I was tagged by Irel on this one. Geezz what else is there to say about myself when i basically write everything in my blog and in my journal. Haha! :P And what else is there to see when my face is all over my blog. LOL! I post pictures every now and then you know. :P

i told yah, my face is all over! this should be “the faceS behind the blog” :P don’t get me wrong, i don’t love my face that soo much, just that i love collages hehe (excuses! :P)

A few random facts about me. Click here.

Well, well, let’s get down to real business now. My birth name is Lany. You should now have a hint why i go by the nick Ylan. I have five sisters and I’m the second from the eldest. Growing up, i tried to be a very good student. I thought that getting a better education will improve my life, our lives. I’m not born to affluent parents. I have my fair share of difficulties in life. (life’s still difficult ’till now actually heheh). I always get things the hard way. But then again, an old cliche says, things that are hard to bear are sweet to remember. Indeed it is!

To be continued…

2 Responses to “The Face Behind The Blog”

  1. irel Says:

    dahh asua buhi pa diay imong piczo madame? hahhahahha mo log ina baya ko usahay ngadto kapuyan lang ko moupdate maong akong giavailable sa akoa ra to view hahaha anyway, ty for answering the tag:) mwah!

  2. Ylan Says:

    irel - oo buhi pa tawon akong piczo pero wala na koy update2x didto.. blog na akong gicareer karon! LOL!

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