4 in a row: meeting with Alice

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Yesterday, it was a special non-working holiday in the Province of Cebu (charter day? not sure of the exact proclamation name). Alice from Sweden, also a member of Bisdakplanet wasn’t able to make it during our previous get together. She’s pregnant and couldn’t stay out late at night. Yesterday, Kookie, Glorie and I met up with her in SM Mall. :)

group pic take 1! :P

us in Sunburst, with Ainsley and Alice’s sister

bisdaks take 1! hehe!

the bisdaks: alice, glorie, kookie, me

alice & kookie

ainsley & glorie

kookie & me

madame president glorie heheh! :D

pansit canton (ukaya sa usa nimo makita ang pansit nyahaha!)


shanghai mo diha!?

ako, confused na sab kung mukaon ur mutabi! :P

It’s really nice meeting all the bisdaks… hopefully, i can get to meet more of them in the future. :)

4 Responses to “4 in a row: meeting with Alice”

  1. Lolli Says:

    kalami sa ilan ggi kaon uy, ibog na hinoon ko kaayo s ainyong gikaon mam :)
    nice pics!

  2. Rolly Says:

    sige lang mo habhab oy, apila pod ko diha bi

  3. gLoR!e Says:

    mga igat jud oi! wala man mo lami kay segi lang ug pasuya. hehehe

  4. Ylan Says:

    lolli - naibog ka sa food? nangala na ka? :P

    rolly - uli diri aron apil ka sa habhab! :D

    glorie - kinsa ni? carlota noh? hehe!

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