a love story

Posted on Aug 17, 2007 under blahs, movies |
No, it’s not about my love story for i don’t have any! LOL! A Love Story is a local movie starred by Maricel Soriano, Angelica Panganiban and Aga Mulach. I’ve been dying to watch it since the day the movie aired its thriller. I’m not that a tagalog movie fan but i do watch sometimes. Me and the girls in the office were arguing which one is the other woman in the story. To answer our query, the 8 of us went out and watched the movie last night. My bet as to who the other woman is was right! Wanna know who? heheh! :P

Imagine how noisy the 8 of us could get when we occupied a single row in the movie house? :P

To Glorie, i’m sorry i failed to invite you to join us. Last night’s idea was just a spur of the moment. Want me to tell you the story instead?!? Hehehe! :D

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