i love pink

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I love pink. (OK now i admit it!) Any stuff in the shade of pink is an apple to my eye. My younger sister would always ask me if my shoes or belt or bag should be pink? Well, it depends on my mood. It’s just that i feel that pink is my color. I feel good when i wear something pink. I love other pastel colors and earth colors too. Pink is just dominant. I have a little game for you.

can you guess to which stuff i took this picture? :P
or simply guess what item is the above picture ;)

7 Responses to “i love pink”

  1. gugs Says:

    dakua ani nga panty oi hehe ;P

  2. Ylan Says:

    taka raman ka gugs! hahaha!

  3. splat Says:

    waahahahaha.. parehas tag tag-an, gugs… akong second guess kay jacket…

  4. Lily Says:

    Akoa tag-an ani kay tshirt. na dili ko sure kong unsa na pero mao lang na akong guess ani.

  5. Ylan Says:

    heheh wrong gihapon mo hahaha!

  6. aneshka Says:

    bra? dako-a pud tabon sa nipple oi! hehehe…. pillowcase, tablecloth ah para sure tela!!

  7. Ylan Says:

    wahaha aneshka wrong gihapon! :P

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