My 5 Best Nights

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My 5 Best Nights

Rule: Name 5 best nights of your life and tag 5 friends.

So far these are my most best nights…

1. The night after i learned i passed the entrance exam for working scholars of USJR.

2. The night i passed the licensure exam for electronics and communications engineering.

3. The night when i arrived in Michigan. It was a work assignment but i’m grateful because it was my first out of the country trip.

4. The night i arrived in California. A dream come true to visit Disneyland. I couldn’t thank enough my friend Belle.

5. The night my blog got approved for paid blogging! har har har! :D :P

I got this tag from Bless. Thanks Bless! :)

Now I will tag 5 of my online buddies Glorie, Francine, Vicky, Aneshka and Ainsley. Enjoy!

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