my personalized sign :)

Posted on Aug 29, 2007 under blahs, gifts |
I work in an environment where the use of electronic or test tools is very high. Yet, we don’t have the ample amount of these tools when the time comes that everyone has to use one. Too ideal but we should probably have one each. Then again, that’s quite impossible considering how costly one item costs. It’s very annoying when you arrive in the morning to discover that your test set-up is lacking this and that equipment. It is time consuming too look around and see if there’s another available tool to use. To avoid the hassles, i made up a sign that stays put whether i have a testing or not. See below…

o di ba? the cuttest sign there is! heheh!

The cute mickey mouse holder was a gift given to me by my friend Belle when i went to California. My remembrance from Disneyland - all courtesy of Belle. I’m really a lucky fellow when it comes to friends. Don’t you think? :P

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