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I got this question-tag from Irel. Geezz this tag is rather naughty! LOL!

I am suppose to answer her question and throw back a question to her after. Her question goes like this:

“How true is it? That the body builders have a small penis?”

My answer: Nyahahaha!!!! I don’t know! But i think that is not true. The size of the males’ organ i suppose has nothing to do with being a body builder. Well maybe, it may come off as small since it will be overpowered by their big gigantic muscles! ahahaha!!!!

So my question for you Madame Irel is: Which would you prefer - having to wear slippers all your life or no slipper at all, all your life? Mas nindot sya paminawon sa bisaya, asa ka? magtsinelas sa tibuuk nimo kinabuhi or walay tsinelas sa tibuuk nimong kinabuhi? Nadunggan ko ni sa radyo and nakahinuktuk jud ko pagkadungug sa pangutana. ahaha!

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