death by chocolate

Posted on Oct 02, 2007 under blahs, food |
Death by chocolate. Hmnnn aint that a hip way to die? LOL! I’ll think about it! Seriously, this phrase ‘death by chocolate’ got the curiosity in me when i read it in the desserts’ list of Casa Verde restaurant. It sound very interesting, do you agree? I asked the waiter what it is made of? She said, it’s a cake covered by ice cream. Unhesitatingly I said i’ll order it. I hurriedly ate my dinner because i was already anxious about my dessert. I was a little disappointed when my order arrived. Contrary to what the waiter said, it looked more of a chocolate icecream covered by cake? I was literally only eating chocolate icecream only it has chocolate coatings. Fine, i eat anything sweet anyway.

sorry i failed to take a photo of the actual dessert

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