rainy season?

Posted on Oct 23, 2007 under blahs |
I know that september-october-december are rainy months. Even this week, rain just pour down on and off. But i hope it won’t rain on November specifically on the 3rd week. Pleaseee don’t rain on those days!!! I hope the sun will shine brightly then for little Lany wants to play! LOL! :D

2 Responses to “rainy season?”

  1. splat Says:

    mo-apil kog ampo… ayaw intawn ulana, pleassssssse…. weird man uy… hehehehehe

  2. Ylan Says:

    splat - korek! tabang ampo kay dili ta malingaw nya if ulanon! waahhh! ay taympa, kabalo ba ka muampo splat? LOL! :D

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