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migraine? pasmo? mata? or boang na?

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Magbisaya sa ko. Sa ingon aning panahon sa kawad-on aw kabusy-hon diay, mangguwa ni akong mga lagwom nga bisaya. Sakit gyud kaau akong ulo sa likod dapit, ang katunga ra pud nuun nga bahin, ang wala nga bahin. Nya musumpay ang sakit sa akong mata dapit sa ibabaw gyud sa akong mata dapit. Ingon ko, labad ra ni sa ulo kay puerte nakong kaon ug tsokolate gabii. Ingon ang usa, napasmo ka, pag-init ug coke unya imna! Ingon sab ang usa, naabot sa imong mata dapit ang sakit? Ahh sa mata na nimo! Matud sab sa usa, stress ra nah… Daghan ug panaghap… ang ako basin ug pagkaboang na nih! LOL! Bitaw way binuang, sakit jud kaau… waaahhhh!!! wala man nawala sa ‘bayogisik’ oi! :(


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My officemate is selling cadbury chocolates at a lower price. I bought two bars this afternoon at P80.00 each. Right now, i’m almost done eating 1 bar. I’m a sucker for chocolates! I expect to suffer tonsilitis tomorrow…


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Our department pingpong tournament started last week. Our team, Team 6 - Parokya ni Stephany played this afternoon against Team 4 - Gonuts with Munat. Unfortunately, we lose but it was a good fight. I think I’m improving slowly… and what matters most is that i get to move my lazy ass and get a little exercise. :)

i hate moments

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I really hate it when it’s a holiday yet i have to work. Just like this weekend, I’m suppose to be enjoying a 3-day weekend but then i have to work overtime on Sunday because of my tight deadline for GMLAN project. Timing plan is being shortened just in time for software release for production by next next week. These things are inevitable but sometimes i can only wish that holidays should fall on non busy days so i could enjoy it!


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Mellany just texted me that she’s watching Maalala Mo Kaya, her first time to watch within this year. I realized, I’ve never watched this show either. I cannot recall what was the story of the last episode i saw. MMK is one of my favorite shows. More often than not, the stories they feature will make me shed some tears. Inspiring because it is sometimes unbelievable to hear success stories and ill fated love affairs turn into happy endings. The more that i cannot watch this show anymore because it’s being shown on Fridays and Fridays means going home late! ;)

tsk, disgrasya na pud!

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I went to SM earlier and met Macelle and Mellany. Initially, my purpose of going to the mall was to buy a wedding gift. Little did i know, i went shopping for another pair of sandals! Wahhh! Pero in fairness, cute sya, blue strappy flat sandals, terno sa akong blue sling blag! (haay ka-aryat gyud!) :D What’s worst, i “purchased” a new set of eye glasses… and it cost MUCH! arrgghhh!!!! (buti na lang maybe 30% of it will be covered by my OPD allowance. (si Mellany ug Macelle jud sad-an anih bah!) :P

if not for delahoya

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I was never really a fan of boxing. If not for Oscar dela Hoya, i would never watch any boxing bout ever. Oscar dela Hoya changed my mind! hehe! He’s the most good loking boxer i know! He doesn’t look like a boxer at all… Basta!

It was one Sunday noon when my father was all focused on the TV watching dela Hoya’s bout against this fighter (i forgot the name sounds like weather hehe). I was at home and no choice but watched it as well. I was like, oh my, how could this good looking guy become a boxer?!?! Good thing though, even he didn’t win in that fight, he didn’t bruise his pretty face :) So there… i sometimes now watch boxing on tv, not because someone else is watching it. But i think dela Hoya is retiring already so I wont be able to see him kick some ass in the ring again. Too late, i should have known him before then i could have watched all his boxing matches. :P


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I’m excited, almost 31 days left. It’s not Christmas, though of course i’m excited for Christmas too. But what i’m excited about is something different…i cant tell you just yet… ooopps it’s not about my lovelife. I hope it’s about that too hehe but no it’s not. :) Don’t worry i’ll keep you posted about it! hehe! :P *pathrilling effect*

long weekend for us

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It’s gonna be a special non-working holiday here tomorrow - October 12 is the end of Ramadan for our Muslim brothers. This special holiday does not have a fix schedule, it varies every year. I’m not so lucky this weekend because i can’t enjoy the long weekend. I need to be working tomorrow maybe and on Sunday. Saturday too but i need to attend Nanette’s wedding.

Anyway, my officemate Lenny sent out this email a little earlier. Thought this would interest some balikbayans especially those who are originally from Cebu.

Here goes:

Places to relax over the weekend.

Check this out!

Pulchra Cebu
Day use: Lagoon Suite 2,440.00/head with lunch buffet
8:00am – 5:00pm

Badian Island Resort and Spa Cebu
Entrance 500.00/head beach area (pool exclusive for in house guest)

Alegre Beach Resort Cebu
Day use: 1,200.00/head 800.00 consumable
Can use the pool and beach + towels
9:00am – 5:00pm

Plantation Bay Resort
Entrance 2,000.00/head with lunch buffet

Maribago Blue Waters
Entrance 500.00/head

Tambuli Beach Resorts

Entrance 350.00/head 300.00 consumable
Saturday and Sunday: 500.00/head with lunch buffet

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa
Day use: 2,000.00/head for locals with lunch buffet
Day use: 4,000.00/head for foreigners with lunch buffet
Can use the pool and beach + towels

Enjoy the long weekend!

So, happy weekend everyone! I still owe this blog a lot of pictures… Arghh….

nanette’s shower party

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I guess I already mentioned that one of my college friends is getting married come October 13. She had her bachelorette party last Friday and i’m regretful that i wasn’t there. I really intend to come and join, sadly an urgent task in the office halted me. That’s a lame excuse i know - but i’m just a mere employee. Arrggghh!