2nd eyeball with Genalyn

Posted on Nov 07, 2007 under blahs, eyeball |
Last September 29, we had no work because of local elections. Genalyn, a friend from Luxembourg whom i met through the internet is in town. (She’ll be leaving tomorrow back to Lux) Glorie and I were just waiting for her go signal as to when and where to meet. Finally, we had our 2nd meeting last Monday. She was also here last year in December. It was really nice seeing her again. I will have to post more photos from Glorie when they’re available. For the meantime, please settle for these not too clear photos taken from my camera. :) (Shoots, all of the pics are blurred! arggh!)

glorie, genalyn, patrick (her husband), patric’s friends, me (right most)

genalyn and me inside Sunflower :)

Bisdaks, watch out for more photos next time. :)

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