mango shake for me please

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If you are constantly with me when dining out, you will surely notice that more often than not - my order for drinks is a mango shake. Not just any mango shake but it has to be a ripe mango shake for I don’t like the green mango. If the restaurant doesn’t have the mango shake, my second option would be the banana shake. If it still doesn’t have the banana shake, i’d go for the 4 seasons juice. Worst case scenario, cola drinks will do. Since, i have been drinking mango shakes all the time it makes no difference anymore whichever restaurant i go to. But last time, i tried the mango shake from a jap restaurant that Splat recommended. Wow! It tasted very good! Yummy! :)

lami sya!

o di ba, my favorite combo hehe

puede ra gyud ko pakan-on ug loglog permi :P

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  1. splat Says:

    fastfood nga japanese

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