basya and popoy

Posted on Nov 15, 2007 under blahs, movies |
So last night was the opening of the much awaited movie by the Filipinos - One More Chance. Guess what!?? I was one of those who lined up for the movie tickets hehe! Yes, I filed for a leave last night just so i could watch ‘Basya & Popoy’ heheh! Mellany and Shellyn were all out crying! LOL! The movie was fun and at the same time quite sentimental. Lovers with exes can surely relate! My sympathy goes to Trisia played by Maja. Wanna know what i’m talking about, watch the movie! :)

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  1. Chikai Says:

    sus lan! perti nakong hilak aning palabasa. perti kaayo si basha ug popoy oi! hehehe! i also wrote a review on this movie at my blogsilog. :)

  2. Ylan Says:

    chikai - hehe im sure puerte gyud nimo tyabaw! hehe! nangita ko sa imong blog entry wala nako nakit-an, natabunan na siguro sa ubang entry hehe

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