82nd monthsary

Posted on Nov 23, 2007 under blahs |
I really don’t know if there’s such a word as monthsary! Whichever the case is, yesterday, Nov 22 commemorates (naks!) my 82nd monthsary with L*** Corporation. So as my friend Lenny since we were hired on the same date. Geezzz, two more months and i’m working on my 7th year! (ang tagal non!) You could almost say that my twenties were spent with people i mostly met in the workplace… is that cool or what?

2 Responses to “82nd monthsary”

  1. splat Says:

    kinahanglan cool na siya, ylan… *sob* kaguol pod paminawon sa 7 years uy…

  2. Ylan Says:

    hehe murag nigamot na splat ang 7years!

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