my hard earned earnings? (redundant yata) :D

Posted on Nov 27, 2007 under blahs |
To see is to believe, there goes that old cliche. But i say, to receive is to believe! ;) You know i have been into this paid blogging thingy for quite sometime now. To tell you honestly, i was really skeptical at first. I thought this whole idea is tricky and all. Thanks that I really got into it. I finally received my first heap of payment last month. (naks i sounded like i received millions hehe). After all the times spent on thinking of what to write, i think i’m rewarded. That’s what i splurge in Boracay! Ok now i’m back to being a bum. :P Thanks again to Madame Carlota for the efforts - she’s my official carrier. Hehe! ;)

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