christmas parties ‘07

Posted on Dec 23, 2007 under blahs |
2 days and it’s Christmas! Here in the office, we usually have 3 christmas parties. We are party animals! LOL! :P

1. Department Party - held last Dec 01 at Krua Thai in BTC. Yup, that early because our senior manager will be leaving the country after that day then. (huh! giagad gyud noh?)

2. Validation Section Party - our section party held last Dec 08. Quite different because we had a sort of an outreach program. We had the party with the kids in Mount Tabor in Talamban. (gabinuutan tahay mih)

3. Company Party - held last Dec 14 in CICC (Cebu International Convention Center). Don’t ask me about the place because it’s way too far from what i expected. It isn’t as grand as i thought it is.

With the 3 parties, i don’t know which photos to post. Hek hek!

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