i love ‘LOST’

Posted on Dec 28, 2007 under blahs, movies |
Is anyone of you out there familiar with the series LOST? It is starred by Matthew Fox among others. I have always liked Matthew since i saw him first time on Oprah. Since then, i have been looking for copies of the series. Finally got a hold of it last week. Viola! that’s what keeping me awake ’till six in the morning hehe! I’m determined to finish at least the first 2 seasons within the holiday break. Can’t watch it anytime when i get back to work come january. Hayyy i love Matt err Jack ;)

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  1. Yummylicious Says:

    Oh I watched it too but got lost in the middle didn’t see the start I guess, thats the problem. Anyway Happy New year Ylan!

  2. Ylan Says:

    haze, basin naconfused ra ka kay ginapakita man gud ang past in between sa episodes.. ayaw lat-angi ug tan-aw aron dili ka ma-lost hehe :P

    happy new year too ;)

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