Thursday, April 26, 2007

summer nah!!!!

lets go swimming! (as if kamao!)

Camotes Summer 2006

P.S. lets go swimming = lets go picture taking

Friday, April 13, 2007

denden's wedding

The wedding of Leslie (see previous entry) is tomorrow already in Bacolod, unfortunately i cannot be there... best wishes from all of us Les. (as if she can read this :P)

Yet, I attended another wedding last Wednesday, that of Denden, still my colleague. We went to the same school in college but he's two years my senior. (wala gani ko ato kabutar niya sa supreme student council election heheh) I only came to personally know him when I was already working. (Tish & Riz, sorry naunhan namo! nyahahah! aw ok ra diay, naa naman jeff si riza and ikaw tish naa naman ka gonzalo, lol! :D)

sacred heart church

couple with the groom's family, look how cute Denden's four sisters ;)

mitch & denden: happy together :)

cute noh?? :P

So as usual, my entry will not be complete without our cute faces! kablam! klog! klog! (the sound of the thunder! heheh)

girlalush with jai & expat roger

aw funny pose diay nih! hek hek

twetewww legs! :P

splat: the deranged guest! hehe peace!

mahangin sa labas?

pimp splat with his hookers! LOL!

splat, ayaw ug palag sa among posing! :P

whatever lang! :P

the telenovela pose 1

pose 2! bwehehehe!

bonitas macelle & charo

sexy momma meloy

naay nagsamoksamok sa akong posing! tsk! tsk!

jai -> mr. congeniality

with the ever smiling groom! :P (gamay lang ang naka-attend :()

chateau de busay, nice!

cebu city at night

Ok... done... posted enough pics... :)

P.S. One person who would have not missed the gathering is Jonalyna (currently on Spain assignment). The only person who can amusingly address Denden as "Gaudencioooo!" or "Hoy Gaudencio!"..... hahahaha...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

mga hulagway sa mga kiat na sab...

Geeezz... i'm too lazy to write anything right now but here are some photos i'd like to share....

Just an hour ago, we bid goodbye to our visitor/colleague from India. He's going back to his place already. We hope that he enjoyed his time here in our beautiful country and enjoyed working with the beautiful people in PETC. (quoted from one of my officemates, LOL!)

So, one of my officemates, Leslie is getting married. (see i'm always posting about weddings, unfortunately of others not mine heheh!) We had a night out last weekend - her last activity with us while she's still single. :)

at Red Moon, a chinese restaurant... i'm not in the pic, i took this pose :)

singin' their hearts out at K1!

finally Macelle arrived!

pause to pose! :D

pacute lang :)

the seven dwarfs errr the seven fairies ;)

the Korean pose :P

whatever lang! :D

hmnnn useful gift?

rather the most useful gift! LOL!


So (so for the second time hehe), it's gonna be a long weekend for me, us. No work on Holy Thursday and Friday plus Monday is "Araw Ng Kagitingan". What's Araw Ng Kagitingan in English? Day of Bravery? :P

More likely, i'll be just at home... i don't know, i'll see what i can do.

Have a blessed holy week everyone!

Happy Easter!