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2007: the year that was

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This post is kinda late already but i’m going to write it anyway. At least before February comes, by then it’s going to be way too late already :P

So, 2007, ’twas just a fair year. I took another leap of responsibility at work. I’m really not sure if it’s worth all the while. Maybe it is. I did a lot of out of town trips with friends/colleagues. I went to Bantayan Island twice, went back to Bohol, went to Boracay and Sumilon Island. I recalled 2004 was more like 2007. Lots of wonderful memories to hold dear. :)

I have gone to personal blogging to paid blogging. While it’s kind of tiring and mind bugling sometimes, it will pay off in the end.

I bid goodbye to a few former officemates and said hello to a lot of new ones. It’s nice to see new faces, then again, it enkindles the warmth of the past and causes me to miss all the more the old buddies.

I hope i had been a good employee, friend, daughter and sister. I made mistakes, wronged others maybe but know that i am deeply sorry.

For 2008, all i could wish is a better brighter future ahead of me. I hope to have a more definite course and way of life to lead. To be able to prioritize the important things over the not too significant ones.

Thank you, God.

Well, hurrah! 2008! What’s in store for me? Can’t wait… :)

7th anniversary

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Huh! I can’t believe I actually spent the last 7 years of my life in Le@r Corporation.

Exactly 7 years ago, i first step in to the portals of Le@r as a cadet engineer. I was then happy, excited and enthralled. I had so many questions. I actually found answers to some of the questions. Now, I am left to deciding whether to be contented by the answers or not.

Like i always say, for all that it is worth, I thank each moment i am with Le@r.

Happy 7th anniversary to me… and to my friend Lenny. Technically, today also marked our 7 years of friendship. We both were hired at the same time.

7 years and counting? who knows?

Sinulog 2008 photos

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The weather wasn’t fully cooperative during this year’s Sinulog. It was raining but for sure it didn’t stop the crowd. My feet still hurts from walking, then again, it was all fun.

Here are some photos:

contingents from Iligan City

contingents from Tangub City

great great grandfather Lapulapu on the background, lol!

notice Magellan? fafah!

the crowd in Ayala all eager for the fireworks display

my favorite one, pink!

the christmas tree in Fuente circle


local actors sam milby & anne curtis

tired gorilla

Terai posing in old mactan bridge during the fluvial parade

fluvial parade

i should have join this group, pink costume eh

Parokya ni Edgar rocks!

ready to storm the streets

kinsa kaha ang katxt? serious!

nice gown

cute ‘lil girl posing for us

‘lil tourist, cutty!

pimp my ride heheh!

contingents from Negros

junor and me

elvis came to life! in cebu! :P

juicy fruit anyone?

More photos here!

blog and me

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A tag from Francine. Here goes.

How long have you been blogging?
I had my online journal since july 21, 2004. I started blogging july of 2006.

What inspired you to write a blog, and who are your mentors?
I really write down things. I enjoy writing. I had a sort of diary before. My seatmate/officemate then told me about writing it online. So i tried it and i’m now hooked to it. I told Madame Carlota about my journal. She soon told me about blogging and she eventually became my coach as to themes, layouts, etc. I’m really not certain if she’s the one who started blogging than me.

What are the 3 things that you love about being online?

* the chance to know other people and be inspired by their story
* i get to do things i like, write and design
* i can earn a little and i can meet new friends

What are the three things that you struggle with in the online-world?
* juggling my workloads (actual job) and my blogging world. The first always takes precedence.
* one isn’t always at the mood to write so it is a struggle if you have paid posts
* i seldom get the chance to visit online friends’ pages which is the initial reason why i got them linked

Interested on this tag? Just grab it. Thanks Francine!

two reasons why i watch LOST!

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Okay, here are the two ultimate reasons why i’m addicted to the series LOST.

reason #1

reason #2


sinulog 2008

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Once again Cebuanos are at the time of the year when excitement is at its peak. The much awaited Sinulog is just 2 days away. Growing up, i had always watched Sinulog when the grand mardisgras’ route was from Plaza Independencia to Capitol then Fuente. Now, i just prefer to stay at home and watch it on tv…

So, i was drinking this coffee drink with chamomile for relaxation. Guess the opposite happened. I was crumbling for i just received a phone call from MI and was told to submit a timing plan in 45 minutes!! January - what a start for me!

brownie monster

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I’m a certified brownie monster. Last December, an officemate sold brownies and naturally i bought a couple of boxes. I intended it to be eaten at home during Christmas. While working, the boxes or shall we say plastics of brownies were right within my sight tempting me to eat it right there and then. Well, what do you know? I consumed almost 1 box even before i went home! LOL! :D

why do days pass by so fast??!?!?

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Oh golly! We just hit the end of the first half of the month. Can you believe it? Days just go by that fast! And i kind of don’t like it! Why? because i hate it that my deadlines are coming just shortly. I’d like at the same time though to see what’s gonna happen come feb, march, april, may. I don’t know, i just think something’s going to happen by this time. I hope it’s going to be for my best.

state of quandary again

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Ahhh my head is spinning! I’m in major state of quandary again. I’m all excited, hesitant, afraid and weary. I’m all nervous too! What if i get through? Will i accept it? Would i stay or would i leave? Would it be good or bad? I really don’t know. Maybe i’ll just cross the bridge when i get there?!? Geeezzzz!

best things in life are free

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I’ve proven this old cliche last night. I went to Ayala to have my new wristwatch fixed. Well not really fixed but I bought this watch and the strap is too loose. It has to have at least 2 more holes to have a perfect fit. I went to the lady-in-charge in the watch section and asked her how much would they charge. She just asked for my watch and checked where in the strap should i have new holes. She took it and gave it to the watch repair man. And then gave me back my watch in a minute. I asked her once again how much would it cost me? She just said “wala ra na bayad maam oi!” I asked “sure ka miga?” She replied, yes maam. I was like oh okay, cool, thanks. Never expected to have a free service inside a mall. Well, the job’s too easy and quick but it’s inside the mall! No one gives free service inside the mall? Well, lady luck must be at my side last night. I walked out of the mall satisfied and smiling. God bless the lady-in-charge. :)