best things in life are free

Posted on Jan 14, 2008 under blahs |
I’ve proven this old cliche last night. I went to Ayala to have my new wristwatch fixed. Well not really fixed but I bought this watch and the strap is too loose. It has to have at least 2 more holes to have a perfect fit. I went to the lady-in-charge in the watch section and asked her how much would they charge. She just asked for my watch and checked where in the strap should i have new holes. She took it and gave it to the watch repair man. And then gave me back my watch in a minute. I asked her once again how much would it cost me? She just said “wala ra na bayad maam oi!” I asked “sure ka miga?” She replied, yes maam. I was like oh okay, cool, thanks. Never expected to have a free service inside a mall. Well, the job’s too easy and quick but it’s inside the mall! No one gives free service inside the mall? Well, lady luck must be at my side last night. I walked out of the mall satisfied and smiling. God bless the lady-in-charge. :)

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