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A tag from Francine. Here goes.

How long have you been blogging?
I had my online journal since july 21, 2004. I started blogging july of 2006.

What inspired you to write a blog, and who are your mentors?
I really write down things. I enjoy writing. I had a sort of diary before. My seatmate/officemate then told me about writing it online. So i tried it and i’m now hooked to it. I told Madame Carlota about my journal. She soon told me about blogging and she eventually became my coach as to themes, layouts, etc. I’m really not certain if she’s the one who started blogging than me.

What are the 3 things that you love about being online?

* the chance to know other people and be inspired by their story
* i get to do things i like, write and design
* i can earn a little and i can meet new friends

What are the three things that you struggle with in the online-world?
* juggling my workloads (actual job) and my blogging world. The first always takes precedence.
* one isn’t always at the mood to write so it is a struggle if you have paid posts
* i seldom get the chance to visit online friends’ pages which is the initial reason why i got them linked

Interested on this tag? Just grab it. Thanks Francine!

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