lipstick anyone?

Posted on Mar 07, 2008 under blahs, my photos |
Really, i’m not much of a make-up fan. However, I do sometimes enjoy a little coloring on my face. Hmnnn, that should sound a relief huh!? A girl should have a little this and that of vanity you know. A dab on my cheek is all i need to let off a doll face. Plus a hint of a lip color. I only get to apply lipstick on my lips in the morning though right before going to the office but you know what? I have quite a few lipsticks with different shades only to collect them! LOL! I don’t know, lately, i tend to get attracted to lipsticks but i really don’t wear them, at least not all the time. Sometimes, i get confused which shade to apply. LOL! Weird huh.

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