happy easter…

Posted on Mar 24, 2008 under blahs, my photos |
I hope everyone had a very good and blessed holy week. As for me, i was off from work but i went nowhere. I was just at home lazing… aw, i was at the beach last Thursday with my friend Glorie. We were just out there chatting and idling. Bored girls, lol! :D

Anyways, i got this picture that reminded me of Michigan during easter sunday. If anyone of you been around to this area, please smile for me. It is where i stayed. This is crazy but i am missing Michigan a lot. :(

4 Responses to “happy easter…”

  1. Carlota Says:

    oh i’m sure you surely missed it. hehehe. ari na lagi dii.

  2. Ylan Says:

    carlota - na kung puede pa lang lagi maam gilupad na nako ang michigan dugay na hahaa!

  3. acey Says:

    hi, ate ylan! =D

    a late happy easter!

    i hope you enjoy your summer! =D

  4. Ylan Says:

    Acey - thanks, yeah i hope so too :)

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