Hadsan Cove

Posted on Mar 28, 2008 under laag, my photos |
Since I had a long weekend last weekend because of the Holy Week, i was contemplating not on my sins but on where to go to. However, i may not do all those traditional religious holy week stuff that most Catholics do but I normally would just stay at home. I could have gone to Bantayan Island with friends but for some reasons i did not. On Thursday i was so bored i asked my friend Glorie to hang out anywhere not at home. We ended up chatting and idling in Hadsan Cove, an old inexpensive beach resort around Lapulapu. It was not much of an eventful day but at least i was out… :D

notice the blouses worn! :P

3 Responses to “Hadsan Cove”

  1. Lily Says:

    Hi Ylan Girl kalami ba nimo oi sige man lang mo dinha dagat, nindot gyud ning doul dagat sa, kami sa Mindanao layo sab mi sa dagat pero daghan mi falls og sapa.
    Agi nimo dinhe Dae Ylan medyo dugay dugay naman wala ko ka laag nimo. summer outfit inyong beauty dinha dah. take care and happy week-end.

  2. Princess K Says:

    WOW! Uy cg ra gyud mo ga beach diha yads dah. Si Mam glors oh emote kaau, hehehe.

    How was Easter?

  3. Ylan Says:

    Lily - wala man gyud mi laing lingaw diri maam, wala man lain puede tambayan aside sa malls hehe.. :) wala ka kabantay sa among gisuut? terno! hehe! :P

    Princess K - unsaon mga bored man gud mi permi hehehe!
    ok ra easter, tambay sa balay :P

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