i was in the hospital…

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Yup! I was in the hospital last 3 weeks ago. I woke up to a severe stomachache thursday morning so I took antacids but i was never relieved. I decided to get myself a medical checkup. ‘Twas my second attempt actually because i was in the OPD last time. I was dismissed because i was relieved when the doctor arrived - meaning the medicine took effect. Last March 13 was the real one. My stomache was impossibly hurting. I had to be admitted and went through some tests to include endoscopy and ultrasound. The endoscopy was not painful but uncomfortable. It lasted for about 3-5 minutes but it felt like forever! I was holding on to my dear life while the tube was inserted through my mouth down to the esophagus to see the insides of my intestines. I shed tears while it was done, really. Fortunately my intestines were fine but was full of acid. I can see the yellowish substance on the monitor. At least the doctor was a joker, helped ease my fear. And the nurses whom i thought were bitches at first were actually very very nice. They kept on calming me down. Turned out i was having reflux esophagitis and bile gastritis. Now i have to be careful of what i eat - avoid all sorts of vitamin Cs, citrus fruits, milk, etc. But because i also had an ultrasound of my whole abdomen, the doctors found out some crystals (i wish these crystals are saleable hehe) on both of my kidneys and a stone in my gallbladder which is non obstructing at present. Which means I have to be more extra careful in what i eat should i want not to be bugged by the stone! Avoid all fatty foods!!! Basically, I should be on a strict food diet now. Avoid all salty foods, etc, etc. It’s an ordeal. I was discharged from the hospital Saturday afternoon after much convincing moments with the doctors because i was already bored. And eating “lugaw” in all of my meals was not either helping. See, i’m that stubborn. Soft diet, soft diet for at least a month but just when i arrived home - i ate rice! :P And what’s the saddest part of all these? I can no longer eat my ever favorite mango fruit :(

Thanks to my friends who visited me in the hospital and for the well wishers. Special thanks to Macelle & Jona for processing my LOA.

Note: It was my first hospital admittance. First time mo? :D

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  1. Ana P. S. Says:

    Hi Ylan, sorry to hear na nahospitalized diay ka. Sos, naa sab ko ana niadto ba, near death to akoa, na if I didn’t go to the Doc, I would have died na siguro. I must have eaten something poisonous, mao to nagka sakit ko, I could not even stand up kay sakita sa akong tiyan ba. Na mao sab guro imoha, take care bitaw. Lain ang may sakit. A strick diet bitaw will nourish you back to health. Sige, kind regards ah.

  2. splat Says:

    syet!!! kadako sa dagum sa dextrose… bahala ning tonsil-a ni magsige nig hubag, dili gyud ni nako ipatang-tang…

  3. The Author Says:

    Sorry to hear that Ylan!

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Angel Says:

    hello sis hope you feel better na! I have my gallbladder remove 7 years ago. once you have that stone on your gallbladder it will come to the point na the pain won’t go away. the pain will start from the rib cage travel to the shoulder and back. it was painful. that’s why doctor have to remove it. kay ma infection man ug and sakit dili na mawala I hope ang imong stone matunaw kay some cases mogawas ra or matunaw busa just watch it. take care and god bless!!!

  5. Ylan Says:

    Ana - thanks, lagi, mag bantay na gyud ko sa akong kan-onon pero usahay dili nako kapugngan, kaon ra gihapon ko bisan unsa hehee.

    Splat - hehe dili man sakit splat oi, ngulngul lang usahay labi na if dili ka kabantay mangusug ka using atong kamot nga naay dagum…

    Haze - thanks, ok nako, magbantay lang gyud sa mga kaonon.. indeed i had a nice weekend, i went to Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro…

    Angel - thanks, lagi mayta oi mawala ra ni.. gitangtang pud diay imo gallbladder? naa pud ko friend gitangtang iya pag last year… at least naka get over na mo hehe :)

  6. carlota Says:

    ewit man ko sa balita. yeah acid reflux no fun. just reading all about it kinda scary. be very careful.

  7. Ylan Says:

    carlota - mao gyud…

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