Top 5 Things To Do

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I have here another interesting tag from Francine. Thanks girl for this one. :) I am tasked to list down my top 5 things to do, so here it is.

My Top 5 Things To Do:

1. Wait for a specific date in the calendar.

2. From #1, I have to decide between option A or B.

3. If i’ll choose option A, then save all my files, process all my papers.

4. If i’ll choose option B, then still save all my files, concentrate on current tasks.

5. Top 1-4 are really crucial. Right now, the top thing i need to do is cut my nails, arrange my stuff so that if I choose option A, i’m ready! (not that there’s a connection between my nails and option A, i just need to cut my long fingernails!)

Now, what the heck am i talking about? You will know soon enough.

Anyone interested on this tag, go ahead. :)

2 Responses to “Top 5 Things To Do”

  1. ................ Says:

    Hehehehe, i date lang ko Ylan be.

    Shalan wa sab koy ka date diri gud, hehehehe.

    Musta diha? Cg gihapon ga laag2x?

    Ka lami ra gud sa life sa single sah.

    Ako, igo ra ko panghupaw ani, ngano ni enter?

  2. Ylan Says:

    Haze - hehe wala nay laag kay gasige na uwan diri, bati kaau! sayu kaau nahuman ang summer…. sige ra gud ug ni enter na ka, naa naman ka duha ka cute na trophy! :)

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