what i least like in others’ blogs

Posted on May 23, 2008 under blahs |
Alright! Alright! The design and content of each blog is according to the discretion of the owner. I know that and I respect that. However, me as a blog hoper and lurker have this thing on others’ blog that i kind of don’t like.

I really don’t like it when the blog doesn’t have a picture nor a written profile about the author. Especially if it’s a personal blog which is always the case of the blogs i often visit or exchange links with. I mean you read their blogs because you want to connect to their views, experiences, thoughts and rants perhaps but i find it less interesting if i cannot relate who the blogger or owner is. For mysterious reasons, without profiles might be catchy. Others may opt that way for privacy. Either way, I really prefer to read and lurk blogs with profiles especially if i don’t know the blogger personally or i just met him/her online for the first time. There are exceptions though - that is when the entries or post are really interesting that i wouldn’t mind if i do not know who the author is.

Now you know why i never leave my layout (if i change layout) without my picture! LOL! :D

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  1. "Life is a Journey not a Destination" Says:

    Same here, di pud ko interested sa blog na why profile description, boringan ko hehehe. Nahan pud ko with nice layout hehehehe.

    Diay, happy weekend day Ylan!

  2. Ylan Says:

    Haze - hehe dili man ko ka imagine sa iyang gisulat if wala ko idea kinsa ang author hehe mao na mas nahan ko if naa profile ang blog :)
    happy weekend pud diha! :)

  3. adrian@sabah Says:

    What can I say? Some of us are slower than others.

  4. Ylan Says:

    adrian - well :)

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