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drag race

Posted on May 05, 2008 under blahs | 2 Comments
When i was still a kid, I used to watch motocross competitions in Reclamation Area. The excitement that i used to feel then ignited when I watched the motorcycle drag race last night. It’s frightening looking at those riders almost delivering themselves to death but ’twas cool at the same time. Saturday night could have been cooler since cars were racing but we were not able to catch it. Better luck next time!

pink motorcycle! how about that? :P

I was at a baby shower before i watched the drag race. Details on a separate post.

eyeball with another Bisdakplanet member

Posted on May 01, 2008 under blahs | 2 Comments
Last Tuesday night, Glorie and I met another Bisdak member. She’s from Davao City and came to Cebu with her husband. It was nice meeting her though we only spent a few hours together during dinner. Who she was? I’ll let you know later… with pictures hehe….