just another boring weekend

Posted on Jun 09, 2008 under blahs, hotels in Cebu |
It’s a long weekend for us as the Independence Day holiday is moved to Monday instead of Thursday. I was just at home the whole time watching tv and sleeping. Last night, i went to Fuente to scout for some new dvd’s of Koreanovelas. I just bought one entitled Hana Kimi. I’m gonna watch it maybe next weekend yet. Today, I went to a former colleague’s new flat and checked out the place. I myself is looking for a room/apartment because i’m quite tired of commuting already. Her place was quite ok. Not too expensive, near to the main road and safe. The view at the rooftop is nice. In the corridor, she can she the Mactan old bridge and the nearby hotel.

I later went to GaiMac (as my officemates would call) and bought some cutty swimsuits. heheh… I rarely get to visit this department store around Lapulapu City.

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