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For the last couple of days, i’ve been hooked up to another Koreanovela entitled Lovers. It’s starred by one of my favorite Korean actresses, Kim Jung Eun. She also starred the hit series Lovers in Paris and Princess Lulu. Producer of Lovers is also the producer of Lovers in Paris and Lovers in Prague. I think Lovers is the last to the three series shoot outside Korea.

When i saw the commercial that it will be aired on local channel tv, i immediately look for a dvd copy of this series. And so i did find a copy and so is the start of my sleepless nights which just ended last Saturday. As usual, i kept on laughing and crying while watching the series. The subtitle wasn’t really good but i managed to hang on to the show ’till the last episode. Vivian (from her character in Lovers in Paris) never ceases to make me attached to her characters, lol!

Kim Jung Eun a.k.a Jackie when dubbed in Filipino

Lee Seo-jin a.k.a Jared when dubbed in Filipino

I’m not good in narrating but if you’re a Koreanovela fanatic like me, be sure not to miss Lovers. Basta, kilig nga makahilak nga ambot nga funny sab! :D Photos taken from

P.S. Lee Seo-jin is officially one of my Korean ‘fafas’! :P He’s really not that good looking (at least for me) but when you get to see him in the series. You’ll definitely fall for him! He has a nice physique and like almost all Korean male actors, he has the skin and fingernails that’s so nice, much more like of a woman’s.

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  1. Chikai Says:

    haaay! miss ko na kaau ni cla Lan oi. humana na ba ang lovers?

  2. Ylan Says:

    Chikai - murag hapit na mahuman ang sa TV :)

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