being stupe

Posted on Jun 17, 2008 under blahs |
For days, I have planned on going to the bank and pay my credit card bills but i never got around to it. I’m already 2 days overdue so i really tried my best to drop by the bank outside MEPZ today. I’m surprised to see that the door has the close signage on it. I thought it’s just the door to the ATM machines. I called my officemate and inquired where is the main door to the bank located? She let me realized that today is non banking day since it’s a holiday in Lapulapu City! Arrgghh! How can i not remember it? Yes, i made it to the bank only that i made it on the wrong day!

By the way, we’ll have the holiday on Friday instead. Palahi among office para long weekend mi.

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  1. Lily Says:

    we all do things sometimes and look back saying “What did i do?”

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

  2. Ylan Says:

    Lily - mao gyud madame.. thanks, happy week ahead pud ninyo diha.. hopefully ok na weather diri. unsaon gibagyo man mi… :(

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