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my active blogs

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Because i cannot choose which best colors and templates, i have 5 active blogs already! LOL!

Ylan’s Adaptation
Fun Under The Sun
Upshots and Whatnots
My Pink Habitat

Do visit them when you have the time and let me know if you want to exchange links.

Blog on!

memory gap?

Posted on Jun 02, 2008 under blahs | 2 Comments
I can’t imagine how stupid i can get! Earlier today, i was ready to go to the office. I’m all set with my umbrella since it was raining and blue set of uniform. I was just waiting for a jeepney. Then it hit me that i was wearing the wrong set of uniform! Monday’s uniform is supposedly the pink set. So i immediately ran home and changed clothes. I was contemplating on the way to the office. I can’t even recall what made me realize that i was wearing the wrong set. Huh! This can’t go on… this is alarming! LOL!

what kind of a blogger are you?

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I got this interesting tag from Alf and it turns out we’re of the same kind. Thanks girl for this tag! :)

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