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I’m one of the members of Bisdakplanet, an online group of Bisdaks (Bisaya people) all over the world. I’ve been a member early on when this group has started but i think i’m really not that active especially for the last couple of months. I only have a single blog to maintain then. So, it really came a surprise when i emerged as the Member of the Month for July. I never anticipated nor expected it. It’s really surprising to see my face/blog to be featured on the group’s site.

To my Bisdak family, thanks a lot for choosing me. Thanks for all the wonderful stories, lessons, sentiments & experiences you all share. Most of all, thanks for the friendship.

7 Responses to “Bisdakplanet’s Member of the Month”

  1. gLoR!e Says:

    congrats! yeeeeyy nice naa ka award..mmm mag active sad ko be para dungan ta karon..hehehe bitaw wala na jud ko ka suroy sa bisdak..

    july birthday nimo mao na isa sa gift..heheheh

  2. Ylan Says:

    Glorie - thanks! hoi in fairness, mas active gyud ko compare nimo sa bisdak, muvisit jud ko dli lang ko magsabasaba hehehe….

  3. Pinay Mom in Czech Republic Says:

    Congrats Ylan :) kita jud duha hehehe..

  4. Miah Laborte Says:

    wow ayusa oi hehehe congrats! hala ako pud wa na kaau kabisita-bisita sa bisdak nyahahah…

  5. Ylan Says:

    Pinay Mom / Miah - thanks! :)

  6. marites1034 Says:

    wow..congrats! suroy2 ko balik didto sa bisdak hehehe! happy bday diay nimo bisan late na:)

  7. Ylan Says:

    Marites - thanks! :)

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