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Last July 19, I met in person another fellow blogger who’s also a member of Bisdakplanet. The meeting place? Not your conventional meeting areas i.e. malls, restaurants or bars. We met in the hospital! Yes folks, we met in the hospital. She hails from Utah but has decided to come home and deliver her 2nd baby here in Cebu. The last info i got from her was that she’s going to have her baby through caesarian delivery on the 8th of August at 7:00am in Succour Hospital. But i was surprised when she texted me friday evening that she already delivered her baby and that she was confined in Cebu Doctors Hospital instead. So, by Saturday evening, Glorie (also a blogger) and I visited her and see each other for the first time. I’m surprised even more! She looks bigger in pictures but in reality, she’s so petite i can very well comprehend why she has to go through caesarian delivery. But she’s very tough, she doesn’t seem to have undergone an operation or something. :) Well, let’s give her the credit of telling us her birthing story…

baby D.M., even from a far, she looked adorable!

Maricel (Glorie’s friend), yours truly, Weng (Darlene’s friend), Darlene, Glorie

exchange places hehe

the bisdaks - Ylan, Darlene, Glorie

Darlene and I, I and Darlene

Glorie and Darlene

certified bloggers

weehh kinsa kaha sunod manganak! hehe!

Darlene, so far, is the person with the longest hair that i know of. Taas kaau sya hair promise! :P

To Darlene, congrats again for the new born baby. It’s nice to have finally met you in person.

And by the way, Glorie and I did not agree on the color of our blouses. Me? In pink? That’s not new. Well, well, well, look at her! She’s always nagging me to stop wearing pink but she’s imitating me wearing pink all the time!!!! What’s up with that? :P

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  1. Rolly Says:

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  2. Ylan Says:

    Rolly - sure, nivote nako sa imo :)

  3. Vk-mahalkaayo Says:

    ay oo kumusta na si darlene?

    naa pa dha or tua na sa USA.,…..

    sigi mobisita ko nya…..

    thanks for sharing…

  4. Vk-mahalkaayo Says:

    kinsa sunod manganak………..ako unta nya kay gihiktan naman……..

    ay wla hikti….gikoot naman uy….

    bitaw, tigols nako ani….pero i wanna pa unta….

    sayang, late nako naka isip ug dungang…..

    mao nga kamo, hala hinay-hinay na ug aginod dha………

  5. Vk-mahalkaayo Says:

    bitaw, j0kes ni pero dala tinood……

    ako 3 ka sister, more than 50´s na, gawas sa among youngest…..

    1 closed friend pod…..mga wla na lagi matres.

    ingon bya sila, kung kabalo pa lang sila nga di sila maminyo…..
    nga mawala ilang mga salag pra sa bata….

    mayo pa kono nanganak sila sa bata-bata pa ug duna pa silay salag ug lana…………

    hay, wla man ta mahibalo sa future sa?

    Kids are the Gift from God-……..

  6. Ylan Says:

    Vk - Darlene is back sa US na siguro… the last time i text kay the following week muuli naman sya… it’s so sad, the baby lost the battle :(

    mao lagi manay, sugdan na unta, unsaon wala may muligwat nako!! hehe! :P

    hulati na lang imong mga apo! :D

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