Monday, August 11, 2008

fashionably sporty

I am never the sporty type of person. I just like doing things that doesn't require me to sweat. That probably just me being lazy. Lately, i realize, i should do something worthwhile and healthy. Doing sports of any sort would surely add stamina to my weakling body. Not to mention that it will burn the extra fats i accummulate from eating and not doing any exercise.

I may never play sport a lot but i do love watching sports especially basketball. It turned out that wearing the appropriate basketball shoes can make a difference. Well, of course, wearing something that is comfortable would make sense. Let alone wearing that favorite atheletic shoes of yours.

Since i'm not into sports, maybe i could go for being a cheerleader. I love cheerleading and i love dancing! Wow, how i envy those pretty cheerleaders in their gorgeous cheerleading uniforms and colorful pompoms. Back in highschool, i'm usually up late because i'd watch the basketball tournament in my area.

What about you? Are you into sports? If not, then be fashionably sporty starting this very moment. Shape up and be healthy! And of course, wear that best looking outfit there is.