For The First Time

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Yah, i’ve already seen the movie entitled For The First Time, starred by the mega daughter, KC Concepcion. Really, i just wanted to watch the movie because i’d like to see Greece where several scenes of the movie were shot.

Went to Ayala first but they’ve changed screens already. We went to SM instead and glad that it’s still showing on it’s 4th week. I said we, meaning i was with 3 female pals (Ky, Jung and Pai) and 1 male pal who requested for his identity to remain unknown! LOL! Di sya nahan hibaw-an nitan-aw, haha! Oh, my comments about the movie? As usual, i’m never a movie critic. :P

6 Responses to “For The First Time”

  1. Me, the islands and the world Says:

    mao pud akong reason to see KC’s movie. magsuroy sa Greece ng libre hehehe! it’s an ok movie though. btw, changed na ang URL nimo sa akong blog:)

  2. Ylan Says:

    Ms world - thanks! =)

  3. splat Says:

    murag kaila ko anang incognito friend nimo da…

  4. Ylan Says:

    splat - kinsa man daw beh? :)

  5. splat Says:

    murag ako to nag-hire sa iya… i’m seeing niwang and sickly… sakto ba ni akong bolang kristal?? wala naman ni limpyo-limpyo gud…

  6. Ylan Says:

    splat - wrong! actually, oldies naman ni sya, dili ni sya newbie hehe

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